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Oregon State Football: Most Valuable Player Countdown - #28 Titus Failauga

The senior is poised for a big year

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#28 Titus Failauga - Defensive End

Titus Failauga is a 6-foot-3, 260-pound senior defensive end. The Hawaiian native is a former three-star recruit and has a long frame; with great speed and deceptive strength. The coaching staff experimented with using Failauga as an outside linebacker/hybrid pass-rusher last season, but he is back to being a defensive end which is more natural for him.

Like a lot of Oregon State defensive players last season Titus Failauga battled injuries. He played in just six games and recorded 19 tackles (2 sacks). As a sophomore he played in 11 games and recorded 29 tackles. The Beavers are looking for a more improved defensive line in 2017, but are already having their depth tested. Isaac Garcia was just mysteriously removed from the Oregon State roster and junior college transfer Craig Evans has not been cleared to start practicing with the team. The Beavers will need to rely heavily on Titus Failauga along with guys like: Elu Aydon, Kalani Vakameilalo, Paisa Savea, Philip Napoleon and Baker Pritchard; but they won’t have much depth beyond those six (especially if Craig Evans is forced to sit for a long period of time).

Along with his senior leadership Titus Failauga’s greatest strength will be his rare combination of size, strength, and speed. A majority of the defensive lineman the Beavers play are big-bodies that clog running lanes, but Failauga has the speed and strength to really put pressure on the quarterback. The Beavers struggled to stop the run last season and will need Failauga’s versatility to not only rush the quarterback, but also stop opposing running backs.

The List So Far:

#28: Titus Failauga - DE

#29: Dwayne Williams - CB

#30: Paisa Savea - DT

#31: Craig Evans - DT

#32: Jalen Moore - S

#33: Justin Sattelmaier - OL

#34: Trevon Bradford - WR

#35: Jonathan Willis - ILB

#36: Tuli Wily-Matagi - TE

#37: Doug Taumoelau - ILB

#38: Shemar Smith - OLB

#39: Hamilcar Rashed Jr. - OLB

#40: David Morris - S/OLB

#41: Nick Porebski - P

#42: Omar Hicks-Onu - S

#43: Isaac Garcia - DE

#44: Andre Bodden- WR

#45: Trajon Cotton - S

#46: Shemiah Unutoa-Whitson - OLB

#47: Kolby Taylor - WR

#48: Darell Garretson - QB

#49: Jordan Choukair & Adley Rutschman - K

#50: Thor Katoa - DT/OLB