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Oregon State Football: Most Valuable Player Countdown - #49 Jordan Choukair and Adley Rutschman

Here’s a rundown on the position people are most likely to get irrationally upset about if they make a mistake

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#49: Jordan Choukair & Adley Rutschman - Kickers

Two guys at one spot? Shouldn’t this therefore be the top 51 players? Well maybe, but top 50 sounds better and they’re basically sharing a job so whatever it’s our list and we will do what we want. Anyway the kicking position will again likely be a job share with Choukair putting the ball through the uprights and Rutschman kicking off, and then tackling the Heisman candidate returner, or recovering his own on-side kick or probably some other crazy things that only Adley Rutschman appears capable of doing.

Choukair took the field kicking job duties late last season when incumbent Garret Owens struggled and was subsequently relegated to PAT’s only (yes at one point last year this was a three man job share). Choukair, who will be a sophomore, was highly rated out of high school in Poway, California. Jordan learned the trade of kicking footballs from his father John, who spent some time in the NFL kicking footballs. Choukair went 1-1 on his opportunities last year and should see his role increase in 2017 while taking on the field goal and PAT responsibilities all year. Note: If you want to see pictures of a cute puppy check out Jordan’s twitter.

Rutschman, who is very good at baseball can also kick a football pretty dang far. As a high school senior Rutschman was already committed to OSU for baseball, when he booted a 63 yard field goal in the state playoffs (I was there, it probably would have been good from at least 65). Gary Andersen got word of this, and asked Rutschman if he would like to come kick some footballs for him in the fall. The true freshman, who played running back and linebacker in high school, endeared himself to Beaver nation by recovering his own onside kick against Boise State, and tackling the great Christian Mcafferey against Stanford.

Well that’s all I got on the kicking position, which is very important and typically only gets recognized as such when they screw up. So here’s to kickers, a position people love to hate.

*[Editor's Note: It has come to our attention that Rutschman may skip football this year and focus on baseball.]*

The List So Far:

#49: Jordan Choukair & Adley Rutschman

#50: Thor Katoa - DT/OLB