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Oregon State Football: Most Valuable Player- #43 Isaac Garcia

Can he provide a spark to the defensive line?

OSU Athletics

#43 - Isaac Garcia

Isaac Garcia was considered one of the best pieces of Gary Anderson’s 2016 recruiting class. Unfortunately 4 of the top players in that class have yet to, or will never see the field for the Beavers. JUCO DT David Fangupo did his very best Simi Kuli impression and never made it to campus. Shurod Thompson ended up academically ineligible, went the JUCO route and is now at Marshall. Christian Wallace missed last year, but is expected to battle for a starting cornerback spot opposite Xavier Crawford. Then there is Issac Garcia, the 3 star DE/OLB was expected to provide a boost to the Beavs lackluster pass rush, but as with the others was not able to be play last season. Unlike Wallace there is no clear word on Garcia’s status for the upcoming season, but he is still in Corvallis, and still on the roster so I would suspect we may finally see him this fall.

The number 2 prospect in the state of Washington for 2016 originally committed to USC before de-committing and pledging his loyalty to the orange and black over offers from Cali, SC, Utah, and Washington State. Considered an edge rusher who can line up at either defensive end or outside linebacker, the 6’4” 250 lb Bellevue native is listed as defensive end on the OSU roster. The addition of Garcia, along with Craig Evans, an ever improving Elu Aydon and several other returners the defensive line could end up being one of the strengths of the 2017 squad.

Check out some of Garcia’s high school highlights below.

Will Garcia see the field this year? What can he do after a year off from football? Will Gary Anderson finally have a much needed pass rush? These questions will start to be answered in 43 says when the 2017 season opens at Colorado State.

Note: Our original story cited Garcia's grades as the issue, this was a mistake on our part. Our apologies for this misinformation

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