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Oregon State Football: Most Valuable Player Countdown - #15 Jonathan Willis

The “Old Man” is really the old man now.

NCAA Football: Stanford at Oregon State Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

The college football season is just over one month away! With the off-season quickly coming to an end, Building the Dam is unveiling their top 30 most valuable football players for the 2018 season. We’ll countdown by previewing one player at a time until it’s almost time for some Beaver football.

#15 Jonathan Willis - Linebacker

It was nearly three years ago when the majority of Beaver fans first learned of Jonathan Willis. He broke out as a redshirt freshman against the Utah Utes in 2015 by racking up 11 tackles in his first start. Fast forward three years later, the young player that was nicknamed “Old Man Willis” due to his approach at energy conservation off the field is really the old man.

Last year, the Tulsa, Oklahoma native started in all 12 games, just one of three players on defense to claim that. He also led all defenders in tackles for a loss (6.0) and sacks (3.0) while tallying the fourth most tackles on the team with 68.

Being the veteran that he is, it’s likely we’ll be seeing Willis starting at linebacker again. If not, he’ll be in the rotation among younger guys like Kee Whetzel, Hamilcar Rashed Jr., and Andrzej Hughes-Murray, showing them that while he’s one of the old guys on the team, he knows how to rack the tackles up.

The list so far:

#15: Jonathan Willis - LB

#16: Kammy Delp - OL

#17: Jay Irvine - CB

#18: Kee Whetzel - LB

#19: Trent Moore - OL

#20: Dwayne Williams - CB

#21: LaMone Williams - DE

#22: Isaiah Dunn - CB

#23: Conor Blount - QB

#24: Omar Hicks-Onu - S

#25: Jeromy Reichner - DE

#26: Hamilcar Rashed Jr. - LB

#27: Isaac Garcia - DE

#28: Shemar Smith - LB

#29: Shawn Wilson - CB

#30: Yanni Demogerontas - OL

Check back tomorrow for #19 on Building the Dam’s countdown.