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Breaking: Eric Moreland and Devon Collier suspended due to failed drug tests

We now know why two Beaver bigs will miss time this season.


Two sources close to the Oregon State men's basketball team have told Building the Dam that the reasons starting forwards Eric Moreland and Devon Collier have been suspended from the team is due to failing a drug test administered earlier this summer.

This was Moreland's second fail, the first one resulting in a three-game suspension last January. As a result, he will sit a minimum of three games in the 2013-14 season, with options including a half-season suspension on the table.

Collier will be out up to three games since this was his first failed test. It has not been decided whether the suspensions will be served at the beginning of the season, or sometime later. With non-conference games already lined up at Maryland, at DePaul, and in Honolulu against Akron, the suspensions are certainly not ideal.

Moreland averaged 9.4 points per game and 10.6 rebounds for the Beavers last season, while Collier averaged 12.6 points and six rebounds. Sophomores Daniel Gomis and Olaf Schaftenaar will likely start in place of the two. Gomis has not played a minute in a Beaver uniform, while Schaftenaar averaged 3.8 PPG in his freshman campaign.

We have also learned a failed drug test was the reason for freshman guard/forward Victor Robbins' suspension last January, coinciding with Moreland's suspension, bringing the total to four fails in the last seven months.

No reason for these suspensions were given at the time Robinson announced them. When contacted about the latest revelations, the athletic department did not respond.

Freshman small forward Langston Morris-Walker was cited for misdemeanor theft and former Beaver forward Daniel Deane, who played under head coach Craig Robinson from 2008 to 2011, was arrested twice on numerous drug related charges, all in the same time frame.