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The Dam Links 8/16/2013

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More season previews, bowl projections, DJ Alexander out 4 weeks, Corvallis Knights update, recruiting, and Storm warnings ....


15 days until kickoff vs. Eastern Washington...

EWU Factoid: EWU's home field, Ross Field, seats 8,000 people, and is named after Michael Roos (and his wife, Katherine). Roos, a 2005 graduate of the school, has played offensive tackle for the Tennessee Titans since he was drafted, signing a six year contract extension in 2008 for $43 million.

In actual Eastern Washington news, Jim Allen of the Spokane Spokesman-Review reviews the Eagles' special teams.

OSU released teaser trailer #2 for the football intro video. "Heroes Assemble."

Kevin Gemmell of the Pac-12 blog lays out his season preview for Oregon State. He also lines out potential dark horse out-of-nowhere Heisman candidates. The typical names show up, but he did have some nice things to say about Storm Woods:

Finally, a guy who I think is really a long shot -- but should be getting more love than he is -- is Oregon State running back Storm Woods. In the Beavers’ first six games against FBS opponents in 2013, they face only one defense that ranked in the top 20 last year in total rushing yards allowed (Utah), and only one other in the top 50 (San Diego State). The opportunity will be there early in the season for Woods to make a name for himself. He’s got four of five offensive linemen coming back (including an outstanding center), an offense that wants to be more balanced, and a quarterback-to-be-named who is a veteran and knows the offense. He’s also really, really good.

Anne Peterson of the Associated Press also has a preview of OSU. The Bleacher Report provides a 2-minute video with their expert predictions for OSU in 2013.

Good news: Manase Hungalu, one of a handful of incoming players the Beavers desperately need to bolster the defensive line, was finally cleared and attended practice on Wednesday. A bit of background on Hungalu.

Bad news: As you might have heard on this very website, DJ Alexander is out with a sprained right knee. He is expected to miss at least 4 weeks, which means he hopes to be back by Utah.

Lindsey Schnell compares the two WR's competing for the starting job opposite Brandin Cooks. She also highlights Sean Harlow, a true freshman who might be pressed into service on the offensive line due to a retirement and an injury. Basically, if everyone stays healthy, the O-line is in great shape. If not, there could be a problem.

Kevin Hampton of the G-T reviews some defensive concerns.

OSU's official report from Wednesday's practice.

Connor Humphreys, a four star DE from Central Catholic in Portland, will be announcing his commitment at 6pm on Saturday. His final five are OSU, USC, UCLA, Arizona State, and Wisconsin. He is the #1 player in Oregon; ESPN's Pac-12 blog suggests Oregon State might have the edge. We can hope.

I missed this when it first came out, but Block U (SB Nation's Utah site) talks about their expectations for the Utah-OSU game. One guess who they expect to win that game.

CBS' Bowl Projections put OSU in the Holiday Bowl against Texas Tech.

The Atlanta Beavers Falcons had an exhibition game last night, and Steven Jackson and Jacquizz Rodgers split carries fairly evenly. Jacquizz even had a yard TD run in the second quarter. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. I'm a Seahawks fan, so they'll have to settle for being only my second favorite NFC team this year, but it will sure be fun to watch.

Lindsey Schnell interviews David Fink and Seshia Telles, members of the OSU golf teams.

The other tenant of Goss Stadium, the Corvallis Knights, are playing for the WCL title against Wenatchee. Monday night (or Tuesday, if necessary) will likely be your last chance to see organized baseball in Corvallis this year.

Kavin Keyes and Gabe Clark of OSU are on the Knights team. Reviewing WCL statistics, Clark has batted .198 in 81 at-bats, and Keyes .304 in 23 at-bats since joining the team just a week or two ago. Also of note: Jared Casper hit a 2-run home run for the Medford Rogues in the playoff series against the Knights. He is batting .270 with 5 HR's and 20 RBI's in 115 AB's. There's a guy who, if his bat came alive, could be a big asset to the Beavs next year.

Ivan Maisel tried to create a total protonic reversal, which would be bad. Don't cross the streams.

This doesn't look particularly friendly. At least Benny gets the better of it, other than losing his head.

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