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Slip 'N Slide Day At Oregon St.

Fun in the sun at practice on Prothro Field.
Fun in the sun at practice on Prothro Field.

It's exactly 2 weeks until kickoff of the 2013 football season for Oregon St. against Eastern Washington, and today's practice under a sunny Saturday sky consisted of special teams work, some serious pass route detail work, and because it was so warm and sunny, some Slip "n Slide action.

There was no notable new news on the injury front, and an evening and a Sunday off comes at a good time for healing a bunch of Beaver bruises. Work resumes Monday, with another day/night double session scheduled.

If you missed it live, you can get a good idea of how the day went by reviewing Chris's Tweets from practice today.

Head coach Mike Riley will be spending the rest of his weekend thinking seriously about not only his big quarterback decision, but also which players, especially the freshmen, he's at least going to tentatively red-shirt. That's not a binding decision, and injuries or other developments can always lead to making a change as the season goes on, but it does drive decisions about who to play where in the early going.

And the Sean Mannion-Cody Vaz derby remained a close horse race today.

Chris Knotts (BeaverBeliever12) contributed (heavily) to today's coverage.