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Basketball Non-Conference Schedule Updates (UPDATED)

(UPDATE - AUGUST 8TH) Two more opponents for Oregon State have come out. In the Legends Classic Regional round, the Beavers will host Nebraska-Omaha and Hofstra.

The UNO Mavericks are a Divsion II school and compete in the MAIAA. The Mavericks went 19-9 in 2010 and lost to Michigan State, the only DI team they played, 102-72.

The Hofstra Pride compete in the Colonial Athletic Association and went 21-12 last year.

Overall, these are pretty good additions to the schedule. I would have liked two DI teams in the Corvallis Regional, but Hofstra played in the CBI last season, so they are solid.

To recap, here are the five confirmed OOC games:

November 13-17: Nebraska-Omaha, Hofstra in Corvallis

November 19-21: Texas, Vanderbilt or NC State in East Rutherford

December 1st: Montana in Corvallis


We are still a couple of weeks away from the full schedule being released, but some small pieces of the 2011-2012 non-conference schedule has been coming out over the past couple of weeks.

The major update is that the Beavers will face Texas in the Legends Classic semifinals. The game will be played on November 19th at 5:30 PM (Pacific) in East Rutherford, New Jersey. It will be televised on

The Beavers will stay in East Rutherford until the 21st for either the Legends Classic Championship game or the Legends Classic Consolation game. That will be against either Vanderbilt or NC State, depending on who wins that semifinal, with the Consolation game beginning at 3:30 PM and the Championship beginning at 5:30 PM. Once again, both games will be on

We now know six of the eight teams that will be competing in the Legends Classic Regional rounds (November 13th-17th), but we only know where three of those teams are playing. Boston U and Rhode Island will be playing in the Austin Regional, while Bucknell will be in the Nashville Regional. The other three teams, Hofstra, Morehead State, and Cleveland State, have yet to be named to a Regional.

My guess is Morehead State will go to the Nashville Regional as well, being in Kentucky and only a state away from Tennessee. It would make sense for Cleveland State and Hofstra to go to the Raleigh Regional, as that is far closer than Corvallis.

So now we just get to guess at who is coming to Corvallis. My guess would be a team like UC Santa Barbara or UC Riverside.

We know for sure that the Beavers will be hosting Montana in a payback game after Oregon State traveled to Missoula last season, and according to this guy, the game will be on December 1st.

The only other thing I have heard is that Oregon State will be playing a game in Chicago, although I don't know when or where.

Make sure to check back in the coming weeks for the full schedule!