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Fall Camp Countdown: Most Valuable Players For 2016 - #9 Devin Chappell

The #9 spot on our "Fall Camp Countdown" ironically goes to #9 (formerly #26), safety Devin Chappell.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

With only 9 days left until Oregon State starts fall camp, we continue our countdown of the 25 most valuable football players. To follow-up from yesterday's selection of Gavin Andrews, today's pick goes to senior safety Devin Chappell.

#9 Devin Chappell - Safety

Devin Chappell is a 6-foot-2, 200-pound safety. The former walk-on is one of the greatest feel good stories on Oregon State's roster. He was overlooked playing at Thurston High school, which is just a short drive from the University of Oregon's campus, despite twice earning first-team all league honors at cornerback and wide receiver.

He accepted his lone scholarship offer due to financial concerns and played at Western Oregon. After a successful couple seasons, interest from Division I coaches still hadn't materialized. Chappell then decided to gamble on himself. He took out student loans and became a walk-on at Oregon State.

Chappell quickly became a star on the scout team, picking off Sean Mannion regularly. Shocking his teammates in the process who knew of his walk-on status. Eventually, Chappell worked his way up the depth chart and quickly became a contributor for Oregon State's defense. He was placed on scholarships last summer and has been named a team captain along with Victor Bolden, Darell Garretson, Sean Harlow and Dustin Stanton.

Chappell has moved from his nickel back spot to the starting safety position for his senior season and will be a key playmaker on the Beavers defense. With so many newcomers and inexperienced players Devin Chappell's leadership and experience will be invaluable.

As a junior, Devin Chappell recorded 43 tackles and appeared more comfortable as he got more playing time throughout the season. He recorded a career-high 11 tackles against UCLA and has become one of the most valuable players on Oregon State's defense in his short time in Corvallis.

Our "Fall Camp Countdown" continues tomorrow with the #8 Most Valuable Player for the Beavers in 2016.

The List So Far:

#9: Devin Chappell (S)

#10: Gavin Andrews (RG)

#11: Titus Failauga (OLB)

#12: Paul Lucas (R-Back)

#13: Baker Pritchard (DE)

#14: Bright Ugwoebu (LB)

#15: Noah Togiai (H-Back)

#16: Sumner Houston (NT)

#17: Kalani Vakameilalo (DT)

#18: Phillip Napoleon (DE)

#19: Seth Collins (WR)

#20: Dwayne Williams (CB)

#21: Yanni Demogerontas (C)

#22: Tuli Wily-Matagi (TE)

#23: Manase Hungalu (LB)

#24: Elu Aydon (DT)

#25: Nick Porebski (P) / Garrett Owens (K)