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Fall Camp Countdown: Most Valuable Players For 2016 - #16 Sumner Houston

The #16 spot on our "Fall Camp Countdown" list goes to #94 in the Beavers' game-day program, sophomore nose tackle Sumner Houston.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

With only 16 days left until Oregon State starts fall camp, we are counting down by previewing the 25 most valuable football players that will help lead the Beavers to a successful 2016 season. We'll count-down by highlighting a new player each day until fall camp starts. To follow-up from yesterday's selection of sophomore defensive tackle Kalani Vakameilalo, today's pick goes to nose tackle Sumner Houston.

#16 Sumner Houston - Nose Tackle

Listed as the starting nose tackle heading into Fall Camp, Houston may only be a sophomore but he'll quickly be pushed into a role as one of the key clogs on a young and improving defensive line. He'll also be tasked with improving a Beavers' run defense that was one of the worst in the country a season ago.

Oregon State allowed over 225 rushing yards per game to opponents in 2015, contributing to a porous defense that ranked 104th nationally in defensive efficiency. Houston will combine with fellow linemen Isaac Garcia, Baker Pritchard, Phillip Napoleon and the aforementioned Vakameilalo to slow down the free reign that helped opposing offense's average 37 points per contest against the Beavers in 2015.

For Houston, the sophomore saw sporadic action last year as a freshman, appearing in nine games where he totaled 17 tackles, including a season-high four tackle showing in the 2015 Civil War game. Also listed on the fall team depth chart as the second string short snapper, Houston is in a similar spot to most of Oregon State's new contributors as its unlikely that his only position ends up being at the one where he is listed. At 6' 2", 280 pounds, Houston may also move to an edge-pass rusher spot like he played in high school, as well as adding some emergency depth to the offensive line.

Below are some highlights from Houston's high school playing days...

Our "Fall Camp Countdown" continues tomorrow with the #15 Most Valuable Player for the Beavers in 2016.

The List So Far:

#16: Sumner Houston (NT)

#17: Kalani Vakameilalo (DT)

#18: Phillip Napoleon (DE)

#19: Seth Collins (WR)

#20: Dwayne Williams (CB)

#21: Yanni Demogerontas (C)

#22: Tuli Wily-Matagi (TE)

#23: Manase Hungalu (LB)

#24: Elu Aydon (DT)

#25: Nick Porebski (P) / Garrett Owens (K)