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Oregon State Will Take on Notre Dame in the Sun Bowl

The Beavers will be returning to their old stomping grounds of El Paso for the holidays.

Brut Sun Bowl - Oregon State v Pittsburgh Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Sunday afternoon with the conference champions finished and the Championship Playoff decided, the time had for the rest of the bowl eligible teams in the country to learn where they would be playing over the holidays. Oregon State will be returning to a familiar location for some Beavers fans; the Beavers will be headed to El Paso to take on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in the Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl.

Oregon State has played in the Sun Bowl on two previous occasions. In 2006 the Beavers beat Missouri 39-38 with a thrilling fourth quarter comeback that may be one of the greatest games Oregon State has ever played. The Beavers also played in the 2008 Sun Bowl, where they beat Pittsburgh 3-0 in what may have been one of the worst bowl games in history.

The Sun Bowl is a land of contrasts.

As for their opponent, Notre Dame finished the year with a 7-3 record, losing to Louisville, Florida State and Ohio State, but picking up some quality wins over Duke and USC. They are currently ranked 15th in the AP Top 25. We’ll have a more in depth preview later, but it should be an interesting match up for the Beavers.

The Sun Bowl is scheduled for an 11 AM kickoff on December 29th.