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Oregon State resume their series with the Utes.

Oregon State resume their series with the Utah Utes hoping to clinch the series today after yesterday's 3-0 win.

The Beavers resume their three game series with the Utah Utes after a 3-0 win last night. With a win today they will clinch the series, and hopefully Sunday sweep the series. Oregon State is currently 5th in the Pac-12 with a record of 13-9 and 31-14 overall. Utah is 10th in the Pac-12 with a record of 7-15 overally and 16-28 overall.

Oregon State with last night's win improved their record to 20-4 at home, which is great as they remain a force to be reckoned with at home. With 10 games left of the regular season another win would be great for an end of the season. A win today would push them up the college and Pac-12 rankings as the NCAA regionals get closer.

Today's game begins at 1:35 pm. The Beavers hope to have a easier time finding runs, then last night games, and keep the Utes batters in check again. The series against the Utes is not on TV, but can be found on Live stream, radio or live stats.

Spot Pos # Player Bats Today
1 2b 1 Donahue, Christian B 0-1
2 c 18 Lund, Dane R 0-1
3 cf 40 Hendrix, Jeff L 1-1
4 1b 24 Harrison, KJ R 0-1
5 dh 19 King, Billy L 0-0
6 lf 28 Nobach, Kyle R 0-0
7 rf 9 Cary, Elliott L 0-0
8 ss 14 Hamilton, Caleb R 0-0
9 3b 10 Gretler, Michael R 0-0
10 p 25 Rasmussen, Drew R 0-0
Spot Pos # Player Bats Today
1 2b 3 Davis, Kody R 0-1
2 ss 8 Scaggari, Cody R 0-1
3 3b 23 Carroll, Dallas R 0-0
4 c 36 Young, AJ R 0-1
5 dh 30 Schuman, Max L 0-1
6 cf 33 Smith, Wyler R 0-1
7 lf 7 Gulden, Wade R 0-1
8 1b 12 Larsen, Biss R 0-0
9 rf 14 Rose, Josh L 0-0
10 p 24 Carroll, Dalton R 0-0

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