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Reser Stadium To Have A Beer Garden

Starting this fall, Beaver football fans will be able to grab a drink in the new beer garden

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Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Reser Stadium has been under construction for months now as Oregon State is trying to make it an even more attractive venue. They are currently working on expanding the Valley Football Center, which seems way overdue, and the facility will be adjoined by something new this year.

Oregon State will have a beer garden in Reser Stadium this season. The garden will be overlooking the north end zone and will be 13,000 square feet. It will seat 600 people. Last season only 23 teams across the country sold alcohol on campus, and now OSU will be an addition to that list.

No more going back to your tailgates at halftime, over to the Hilton Hotel bar, or back to your house or apartment, just stop by the beer garden at Reser for a nice refreshing drink. In the beer garden you will be able to choose from Oregon's best breweries, wineries and restaurants. The beer garden will officially open at the Beavers' first game next season, September 17th against the Idaho State Bengals. If the Beavs improve this year the fans will have a lot more to cheer about from this new setting which will make the atmosphere of Reser Stadium even more exciting.