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Updating the OSUMB Look

Next football season, Oregon St. will embark on a new era, with a new head coach, and it will also be time to embark on a new era for the most energetic supporters of our Beavers on the field.

It will be the 125th anniversary of the oldest band in the Pac-12, the Oregon State University Marching Band. (Yes, we had a band BEFORE we had a football field, or a football team. So it just made sense to double the fun, and get those too!)

To celebrate this milestone, the band is looking to update their uniforms, which have had the same look for a full decade, including 2 years with the beloved but out of date Beaver!


Indeed, many of the uniforms are 5 years old, since the last fund-raising effort, to dress an expanding band in 2009, and some are even older.

The band, nearly 250 strong, which not only plays for us before football games, at Beaver Walk and for the tailgaters before the game, as well as all night long in the stadium (and there have been some very long nights!), and at as many road games as they can figure out a way to get to, also gets the town fired up the night before, and is there to get Beaver Nation in the spirit at countless community and campus events over the course of the year, has to spearhead this effort themselves.

They are asking for Beaver Nation to get on the Bandwagon, and until Christmas, you can help give a band member a great Christmas gift, the promise of a new uniform next fall. Contributions of any size is appreciated, and you can get "naming rights" to a uniform, or even get to get on the field with the band!