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Andrew Moore Drafted By Mariners

Beaver Ace Likely Leaving

Andrew Moore was the first Oregon St. player taken in this year's MLB Draft.
Andrew Moore was the first Oregon St. player taken in this year's MLB Draft.
(Image by Andy Wooldridge)

Oregon St. junior RHP Andrew Moore, the ace of the Beavers' staff, was taken by the Seattle Mariners, with the 72nd. pick in the 2015 MLB Draft. Though there are only 30 MLB teams, it was technically still in the second round (the MLB draft has even more "extra" picks than the NFL draft.)

Moore, who has previously indicated he's looking forward to the next chapter in his career, is likely done as a Beaver, as the slot contract value for the 72nd pick is $852,800, and that doesn't include any signing bonus that would likely be thrown in, and that's probably too much to pass up, or risk on an injury that might occur should Moore elect to return for his senior season. Moore confirmed he agreed to an $800,000 bonus before Seattle drafted him, indicating he was already in discussion with the Mariners.

Moore, who was a 4 year starter in high school for North Eugene, followed that up with 3 seasons as a starter at Oregon St.

Bursting on the scene as the Saturday starter as a freshman, he compiled a 14-2 record, helping the Beavers to the College World Series. For those accomplishments, he was named a Freshman All-American.

His sophomore season wasn't as stellar, but was still solid, and after helping Oregon St. to a second consecutive Pac-12 Title, he was selected to the USA Baseball National team.

His performance there further impressed Seattle scouts, who saw his command, both on the field and off, being verified away from the setting of Oregon St.

His command of both speed and location that allows him to throw any pitch to any location in any situation allowed him to become Oregon St.'s Friday night starter this season, and he led the Beavers to a second place finish in the Pac-12, and a 2-seed in the NCAA Tournament, going 7-2 with a 1.91 ERA in 122 1/3 innings. He struck out 111 and walked just 21.

In what was likely his last appearance at Goss Stadium, he turned in his second 99 pitch complete game of the season, this one with 70 pitches for strikes. The 2-hitter not only led Oregon St. to a 4-0 win over California in the pivotal showdown to start the series to settle the battle for 2nd place in the conference, it earned him National Pitcher of the Week honors, not to mention his 3rd Pac-12 Pitcher of the Week award.

For his 3 years in Corvallis, Moore wound up with a 27-9 record, a 2.10 ERA, and 251 strikeouts.

Moore was also a National Golden Spikes Award Semifinalist this season.

Oregon St. has had a player taken in the MLB draft every year since 1993, and Moore will probably be joined by junior centerfielder Jeff Hendrix today, as the draft continues with rounds 3 thru 10.

It's the 3rd year in a row that Seattle has selected an Oregon St. player, having taken infielders Andy Peterson and Kavin Keyes last year, and Tyler Smith 2 years ago.