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2015 BTD Bracket Challenge: Post-Regional

Here is an early update on the scoring for the bracket challenge.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports


Place Name Score
T-1 Kyle Snyder 12
T-1 Iceman 12
T-3 Tim Stoeckle 11
T-3 Steven Brown 11
T-3 Sergey K 11
T-3 Kurt Sahr 11
T-3 joe soukup 11
T-3 Jason Bartel 11
T-3 Brady Vernon 11
T-10 Tim Hohmann 10
T-10 Roger Bernards 10
T-10 Matt Davis 10
T-10 Greg 10
T-10 Ethan Novak 10
T-15 Ruey Yen 9
T-15 Rocco Miller 9
T-15 Matt Butler 9
T-15 Jeff Manfull 9
T-15 Chris Lewis 9
T-20 Mark Kelly 8
T-20 Mark 8
T-20 Marc stewart 8
T-20 Julian Lopez 8
T-20 Devin Dvorak 8
T-20 Connor Pelton 8
T-20 Brian Clubb 8
T-27 SteveE 7
T-27 Sami Kline 7
T-27 Paul Schnabel 7
T-27 Jeremy Schooler 7
T-27 Jeremy Holland 7
T-27 Dave Lewis 7
T-27 Alex Wilburn 7
34 schlittsmith 6
T-35 Tristen 5
T-35 Kurt Hagman 5
T-35 Brandon Evans 5
38 Brenden Slaughter 4

I'll give some updates later but in the meantime here are all the picks, feel free to check the scoring as I am a person and unlike a calculator I am prone to mistakes. I'll try to update with some ridiculous stats tomorrow but it should be said that UCLA losing has busted many brackets.