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Michigan Game To Be On ABC

Oregon St. will see the Big House entry this season.
Oregon St. will see the Big House entry this season.

We already knew Oregon State's trip to the Big House for the return of Jim Harbaugh to the sideline on Sat. Sept. 12 would be a nationally televised event, but now we know that it will be an over-the-air event as well.

The game, which will kickoff at noon locally in Ann Arbor, was going to be somewhere in the ABC/ESPN domain, but it was announced today that it will be on ABC, making the day an all-ABC affair for the Oregon-Michigan double header, which has Oregon visiting Michigan St. at 8 PM locally (5 PM PDT) after Oregon St. takes on Michigan earlier in the day.

It will be an early start for those watching the Beavers from the west coast instead of attempting the Michigan double header, with the game starting at 9 AM on the west coast.

For those making the trip, the gap of between 4 & 5 hours between the final whistle in Ann Arbor and kickoff in East Lansing makes taking in both games, in iconic Big 10 venues, actually possible.

Actual travel time under normal circumstances is only about an hour, but access and egress issues will add a lot to both ends of the trip. But its a very rare opportunity to catch a pair of college football classics on the same day of a road trip.

For those watching from the west coast (or any coast), no channel flipping will be required!