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Way too early 2022 Depth Chart & Roster News

Taking a sneak peak at next season

NCAA Football: LA Bowl-Oregon State vs Utah State Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Despite the season officially ending for Oregon State football; there’s been a plethora of activity. Trent Bray was hired as the full time defensive coordinator. Avery Roberts and Teagan Quitoriano declared for the NFL draft. Sam Vidlak entered the transfer portal. Jonathan Smith and company signed their best recruiting class. And despite the outcome, Oregon State football played in their first bowl game in eight years. It’s been a busy week!

There’s obviously going to be more roster changes in the next nine months. There are a bunch of “juniors” on the football team guys like: Jaydon Grant, Rezjohn Wright, Brandon Kipper, B.J. Baylor etc etc. And while they will all have another year of eligibility (Covid season), do they want to be super seniors like Trevon Bradford, Nathan Eldridge and Andrzej Hughes-Murray were this season?

You also can’t forget about the transfer portal. It would be odd if Oregon State didn’t lose/add a few more players. Despite the fluidity of Oregon State’s football roster, I took a stab at the depth chart for next season:



  1. Chance Nolan
  2. Tristan Gebbia
  3. Ben Gulbranson
  4. Travis Throckmorton

Running Back

  1. Trey Lowe
  2. Deshaun Fenwick
  3. Isaiah Newell
  4. Damir Collins
  5. Damien Martinez

Wide Receiver

  1. Tre’Shaun Harrison
  2. Anthony Gould
  3. Jesiah Irish

Wide Receiver

  1. Zeriah Beason
  2. Champ Flemings -OR-
  3. Makiya Tongue

Wide Receiver

  1. Tyjon Lindsey
  2. Silas Bolden
  3. John Dunmore

Tight End

  1. Jake Overman
  2. Jack Velling
  3. Ralph Taufa’asau

Tight End

  1. Luke Musgrave
  2. J.T. Byrne
  3. Tommy Spener

Left Tackle

  1. Joshua Gray
  2. Marco Brewer

Left Guard

  1. Jake Levengood
  2. Tyler Morano


  1. Tanner Miller
  2. Dakota Napierkowski

Right Guard

  1. Heneli Bloomfield
  2. Cooper Darling

Right Tackle

  1. Brandon Kipper
  2. Taliese Fuaga
  3. Jason White


Defensive End

  1. Simon Sandberg
  2. Sione Lolohea
  3. Omarion Fa’amoe

Defensive Tackle

  1. Alexander Skelton
  2. Cody Anderson
  3. Quincy Wright

Defensive End

  1. Isaac Hodgins
  2. James Rawls
  3. Tavis Shippen

Outside Linebacker

  1. Riley Sharp
  2. John McCartan
  3. Ryan Franke
  4. Cade Brownholtz

Inside Linebacker

  1. Kyrei Fisher
  2. Easton Mascarenas
  3. Semisi Saluni
  4. Junior Walling

Inside Linebacker

  1. Omar Speights
  2. Jack Colletto
  3. John Miller
  4. Melvin Jordan

Outside Linebacker

  1. Andrew Chatfield Jr
  2. Cory Stover
  3. Shane Kady
  4. Mathias Malaki-Donaldson


  1. Alex Austin
  2. Skyler Thomas
  3. Noble Thomas


  1. Alton Julian
  2. Akili Arnold


  1. Kitan Oladapo
  2. Ian Massey
  3. Wynston Russell


  1. Jaydon Grant
  2. Ron Hardge III
  3. Ryan Cooper


  1. Rejzohn Wright
  2. Ron Hardge III
  3. Arnez Madison



  1. Everett Hayes
  2. Atticus Sappington


  1. Luke Loecher
  2. Josh Green

Long Snapper

  1. Dylan Black
  2. Cameron Landes


  1. Luke Loecher
  2. Josh Green

Punt Returner

  1. Jesiah Irish
  2. Anthony Gould

Kick Returner

  1. Champ Flemings
  2. Jesiah Irish -OR-
  3. Silas Bolden

Looking ahead to next season a lot will be riding on the decisions of a few key players. If B.J. Baylor, Rejzohn Wright, Jaydon Grant and others all decide to move on there could be some growing pains. The Beavers will need to replace a few key starters on the offensive line, but if anyone is up for the challenge it’s Jim Michalczik. And while the offense was very good this season, it needs a quarterback to step up to take it to the next level. Is that Chance Nolan? Tristian Gebbia? Ben Gulbranson? Someone else?

On defense Oregon State is developing and bringing in some much needed defensive line talent. Trent Bray hinted that the Beavs might mix-and-match different defensive formations. While linebackers still look like the strength of this defense moving forward, it does seem like the other position groups are catching up. Specifically in the secondary players like: Kitan Oladapo, Alex Austin, Alton Julian & Akili Arnold were all very good this season and should be key contributors moving forward. Let’s hope Oregon State can keep building on their progress from the past few seasons and look forward to an even brighter 2022.