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Utah State defeats Oregon State, 24-13

The Aggies played a cleaner/better game than Oregon State to claim the victory

NCAA Football: LA Bowl-Oregon State vs Utah State Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Beavers first possession was explosive, but it set up fans for an extremely frustrating bowl game experience. The Utah State Aggies settling in after the Beavers first touchdown drive and managed to win all three phases of the game from that point forward. Oregon State really shot themselves in the foot with penalties and undisciplined football all around. While it was tough to see the Beavs lose a game where they gained more yards and won the possession battle; it was still a good season overall. Here’s how the LA Bowl unfolded:


The Beavers first three plays were the highlight of the game for me. Here’s how they scored their only touchdown: first a BJ Baylor run for 12-yards, a 39-yard Zeriah Beason catch and then a Jesiah Irish 20-yard touchdown off the fly sweep (7-0 Beavers). Unfortunately football games last longer than one minute. Utah State’s quarterback Logan Bonner looked hobbled after hurting his knee during one play, but the tide really started to turn in the Aggies favor when back-up QB Cooper Legas came in for hist first ever touchdown pass. It was a 62-yard touchdown strike to Deven Thompkins. A play that wasn’t called, but Cooper Legas check into. After an Oregon State field goal, Legas lead the Aggies on another touchdown drive. This time it was capped off by Calvin Tyler Jr bouncing off of tacklers (14-10 USU).


Oregon State held the Aggies to a field goal to start the 2nd half, which felt like a win at the time. Everett Hayes missed a 44-yarder shortly afterwards and then Utah State added another long touchdown drive to take a commanding 24-10 lead. Oregon State’s defense started playing with some more energy in the 4th quarter, but it was too little too late. It just seemed like every time Oregon State might generate some momentum they would get a costly penalty or have a costly turnover or sack. Late in the game Oregon State’s defense recovered a fumble in the endzone, but Chance Nolan quickly threw an interception to put the game away for good.


  • Utah State’s receiving core is really talented. Cooper Legas was confident and made some good throws, but I think the weapons around him really helped him out.
  • Oregon State’s defense was not good today by any means, but 13 points from this offense is just unacceptable.
  • Tre’Shaun Harrison was missed in the first half, despite the fumble he was probably Oregon State’s best weapon offensively.
  • Unfortunate game for BJ Baylor who had a fantastic season. 78 rushing yards and 22 receiving isn’t an unproductive game; but it seemed like he just never got rolling like he normally does.
  • Now that the offseason is officially here and Avery Roberts has officially declared for the NFL Draft it’ll be fascinating to watch the roster come together for next fall. The transfer portal has been active and while I’m sure there will be a few Oregon State could experience some of the lowest turnover in college football.
  • Congrats to Oregon State football and to it’s seniors on a successful season. They reached a bowl game for the first time since 2013! But as Coach Smith once said ‘We ain’t done yet!’. Here’s hoping for an even better season next year!