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Why Oregon State’s New Uniforms are TRASH

Oregon State’s uniforms are just not very good...

NCAA Football: Oregon at Oregon State Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

The Oregon State football team unveiled their much anticipated new uniform designs on Saturday before the spring game. And they’ve been pretty well received on social media and the general public seems to be in favor of them, but let me tell you they are TRASH!

My first gripe, what is up with those weird block-like strips on the shoulder pads? It’s not a sleek stripe and it doesn’t flow with the stripes on the pants or the stripe on the helmets. It’s just very out of place and very strange looking.

Secondly and this one is probably the most upsetting aspect of the new uniforms, why is there only one helmet for all three colors? The design isn’t great, the Beaver logo is too big and no one loves that logo if we’re being honest. I very much enjoyed the orange (pictured below) and white helmet’s that Oregon State used to wear. Now it just looks like Oregon State can’t afford three helmet designs.

NCAA Football: Oregon State at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Another small gripe? The “Beavs” lettering above the numbers... While it’s fun to shout out Go Beavs! It’s not a real word and probably shouldn’t be the focal point of a jersey design. Another concern I initially had was the “Oregon State” on the back of the jersey’s, but Oregon State said that the real jerseys will have the players names on the back (which is good).

Overall it all comes down to my main point. I don’t love Oregon State’s partnership with Nike. While I enjoy Nike and they have great products and designs I think Oregon State should sever ties with Nike and sign a deal with Under Armour or Adidas. The “Beavs” are always going to be treated as an afterthought by Nike, it’s just a fact that Oregon is Nike’s favorite school and that Nike co-founder, Phil Knight, has poured so much money into the school down South that it’s almost unfathomable. Remember when Phil Knight had that tournament for his 80th birthday? The PK80? Oregon got an invite, Portland State got an invite and Oregon State was left at home. It was a clear slight from Phil Knight and Nike.

It might be more convenient to team up with Nike. The money is probably a little better with Nike over Adidas, Under Armour or another company; but I still think it’s the right move. As long as Oregon State’s partnership with Nike continues Oregon State will get the plain jersey’s while Oregon gets the flashy jersey’s that appeal to future recruits.