Ranking Oregon State Sports Podcasts


When it comes to keeping track of Division I sports all season long, NCAA fans often have a steep undertaking. For the most part, a fan will follow their favorite team, then check in on competitors as the season inches toward its postseason playoffs or Bowl games.

Fans want to know the ins and outs of their team; which players will be most influential, how a coach plans on organizing the squad, and which competitors will be most challenging. In the past, most of this information came from broadcasters and radio hosts.

Today, there’s a growing interest in podcasts. A decade ago, not many Beavers’ fans were tuning into podcasts for deeper analysis, but the trend today is only gaining steam. Back in 2019, 144 million Americans tuned in to a podcast, with 90 million listening to their favorite show at least monthly.

The number of podcasts may seem astounding, but many deliver on granular interest—Beavers athletics included. Today, there are a handful of options for Beaver fans to follow the university’s athletic programs, football and beyond. Below are five of the top titles available for listening today.

1: BTD Podcast

Unsurprisingly, Building the Dam’s podcast provides key insight, analysis, and breaking news on all things Beaver-related. As a branch of the SB Nation blog, BTD Podcast includes stories on Beavers athletics of all stripes, with a special emphasis on the university’s football, basketball, and baseball programs.

BTD Podcast provides preseason, live, and postseason analysis. Its hosts, Marcus Russell and Travis Johannes, have a tangible passion and strong opinions related to Beaver athletics, as well as keen knowledge of the university’s athletics department.

2: Beaver Sports Podcast

As the official Oregon State sports podcast, Beaver Sports Podcast has the latest information on the university’s athletics programs. As such, hosts Mike Parker and Jon Warren often interview department heads and coaches. This offers a unique look into the daily life of a Beaver athlete.

Beaver Sports Podcast also takes on more nuanced topics, which includes a recent interview with women’s soccer coach Lauren Sinacola and even a sit-down with OSU linebacker/quarterback Jack Colletto.


3: Beaver Tales

Beaver Tales is dedicated to OSU’s baseball program specifically, but the content is interesting enough to hook all sports fans. Beaver Tales explores all topics related to baseball, from the university’s most prolific teams to live updates from the current season. However, the podcast started as a specific look at OSU’s 2019 NCAA Championship team.

Broadcaster Josh Worden brings back players from the famous NCAAB run in 2018 and interviews them. Worden isn’t afraid to get specific, either, often highlight minimal details like gameday weather into his analysis. Many have since moved on to play in the minor leagues, which highlights the ongoing journey of former student-athletes.

4: Talkin’ Beavers (NBC Sports Northwest)

As a branch of NBC Sports, Talkin’ Beavers has a high production value that listeners will immediately notice. The show is hosted by Joslyn Tinkle, an Oregon State alumnus and WNBA player who also happens to be the daughter of the current basketball coach, Wayne Tinkle.

Tinkle investigates Beaver athletics by highlighting unique stories and bringing in former student-athletes to tell their story, similar to Beaver Tales. The result is a highly listenable and casual take on OSU’s most intriguing sports tales.

5: The Edge

Similar to BTD Podcast, The Edge Podcast focuses mostly on OSU football, basketball, and baseball. The podcast rotates its focus based on season, providing key pregame analysis and postgame insights. Those looking to get hyper-specific with their predictions will find plenty of information to chew on with The Edge Podcast.

Host Brenden Slaughter knows the ins and outs of each team and its players, while Jared Halus provides a unique perspective as a recruitment analyst for an OSU blog. The podcast is updated weekly, but will also veer off-course in the event an interesting topic comes up in the meantime.

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