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Quick Links: Beavs in the Superbowl, D1 Preseason All-Americans

Sean Mannion was the unsung hero from Championship week

NFL: NFC Championship Game-Los Angeles Rams at New Orleans Saints Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports
  • Yesterday, the Rams punched their ticket to Superbowl 53 by beating the Saints in the Superdome. Brandin Cooks and Johnny Hekker had huge performances to help lift the Rams to victory and let’s be honest they caught a fortunate no-call to hold the Saints to a field goal.

Early in the game Hekker threw a beautiful pass to give the Rams offense some momentum and I’m pretty sure Hekker could be a starting QB for like 10 NFL teams.

The third Beaver alum on the Rams, Sean Mannion, didn’t see the field but still had quite the impact.

If I was Jared Goff I would just blame the slow start on having to wear Mannion’s helmet and maybe make some playful jabs at the shape of my backup QB’s head shape. Goff instead just said that the fans were loud, but apparently not loud enough because the Rams still got the job done. I didn’t need a reason to root against the Patriots, but Brandin Cooks, Johnny Hekker and Sean Mannion just gave me three extra reasons to root against Tom Brady and company.

  • Last week, D1 Baseball released their preseason top-25 rankings (Oregon State came in at 8th). This morning D1 Baseball released their preseason All-Americans.

Adley Rutchsman and Kevin Abel made the first-team. Brandon Eisert was listed on the third-team.

In other news, Gary Payton II is headed to Washington DC. He’s been balling out in the G-League for the Rio Grande Valley Vipers, but is now back on an NBA roster.

You’re a Wizard Gary.

The basketball teams had a tough weekend. The women’s team lost a nail-biter at home to the Sun Devils in double overtime. The men’s team had a rough time on the boards against Arizona and were sent home after an 0-2 road trip.

Last and most certainly least, Oregon State’s campus has seen an influx of bread/stapler vigilantes.

Apparently this is some sort of weird Reddit group, but I like to think that it’s a trap for our Duck rivals down to the south.