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BTD’s Favorite All Time OSU Football Players

We need to find a way to talk about football in January, ok?

Oregon State Beavers v UCLA Bruins Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

Travis, Leo, Marcus and John got together and discussed some of their favorite OSU football players of all time. Why you ask? Cause it’s freaking January, recruiting is basically dead because of the early signing period, we haven’t played a game in nearly two months and spring ball is still two months away so here’s some random football content.

Best Offensive Player

Travis- Steven Jackson: Steven Jackson was an unstoppable beast. OSU has been blessed with some pretty good RB’s the past two decades and Jackson is undoubtedly the best of the bunch.

Leo- Terry Baker: C'Mon. The only player from Oregon Start to win Heisman Trophy deserves this nod. He's one of those guys that played in the old days that I think would do good in today's age of the RPO.

John- Brandin Cooks: Despite not playing a full four years, he leads Oregon State in all time touchdown receptions, is second in receptions, and third in receiving yards. First Team All American. Biletnikoff Award winner. I’m not sure the Beavers have ever had an offensive threat bigger Brandin Cooks.

Marcus- Sean Mannion: Travis is going to kill me for saying this, but I’m a Mannion fan. He’s not the most talented and certainly not the most athletic player to play for Oregon State, but boy was he effective. He was so effective that the coaching staff basically just abandoned the running game for a few seasons because it just didn’t make sense to take the ball out of Mannion’s hands. He’s got the 2nd most passing yards in Pac-12 history for a reason, Sean Mannion gets my vote.

Best Defensive Player

Travis- Nick Barnett: People often forget about Nick Barnett and I am not sure why. He was a leader of one of the best eras for the OSU defense, a first round pick and subsequent defensive rookie of the year. If I am starting a defense I am looking for a leader in the middle and Barnett is my choice.

Leo- Steve Brown: The former All-American was a tackling machine for Oregon State back from 1970 to 1972. In his career he had over 400 tackles in just three years! In his senior season he tallied 186. With numbers like that you have to imagine the kind of magnet to the ball he must have been.

John- Jordan Poyer: Not just one of the best defensive players in OSU history, also one of the best special teams players. Poyer terrorized quarterbacks in the Pac-12, with 11 interceptions and 5 sacks during his time as a Beaver. He also racked up tons of yards as a kick and punt returner.

Marcus- Stephen Paea: This is probably another preference thing, but Stephen Paea was such a force on the defensive line. It seemed like he always found a way to shake off multiple blockers and make a play in the backfield. Oregon State desperately needed a Stephen Paea last season.

Favorite Offensive Player To Watch

Travis-Sammie Stroughter: Oh man was Sammie a fun player to watch. A skilled wide receiver and a deadly returner. It doesn’t get much better than the opponent lining up in punt formation(yea we used to make teams punt) and Reser chanting “Sammie Stroughter... Sammie Stroughter” and then having him take it to the house.

Leo- Mike Hass: “SIX-FOOT-ONE, TWO-ONE-O, PAC-10 HERE WE GO.” The catches this guy used to make were ridiculous, and easily takes the cake for me as my favorite offensive player to watch. His highlight reel is his personalized soundtrack are quite entertaining as well.

John- Derek Anderson: Anderson’s throws were a thing of beauty. His game in the Insight Bowl, where he picked apart Notre Dame, was spectacular.

Marcus - Jacquizz Rodgers: I was a hardcore Beaver fan before Rodgers ever stepped foot on campus, but watching Jacquizz carve up the No. 1-ranked Trojans, making Mark Sanchez chuck his mouth piece out of frustration really won me over. Also, I think it was that same game when his helmet was ripped off and he kept running I’m getting chills just thinking about it.

Favorite Defensive Player To Watch

Travis-Derrick Doggett: Oh man was D-Dogg fun to watch. He was a ball hawking, QB terrorizing, tackling machine. He was an undersized LB but man was he prolific in clutch time. His senior year he led the team with 93 tackles and had 14 tackles for loss, three sacks and four interceptions for 115 return yards. Oh and when he picked the ball he was always a threat to take it to the house finishing his career with 3 pick 6’s

Leo- Scott Chrichton: I remember when “The Chrichton” burst on the scene for the Oregon State defense in 2011 by forcing six fumbles. This guy made a living wreaking havoc in opposing offenses’ backfield with 51 career tackles-for-a-loss. One of my foavortie plays of all time was when Chrichton choke-slammed a Stanford player in the backfield and picked up a fumble to rumble downfield.

Marcus- Sabby Piscitelli: Sabby was awesome! I mean what more could you want from a defensive player?

John- Stephen Paea: I think one of the most underrated sights in football is seeing an Offensive Line effectively disintegrate in the face of a beastly DT. Paea was absolutely unblockable for a lot of the Pac’s guards, and I always loved seeing him get right in a QB’s face.

Most Overrated Player

Travis- Sean Mannion: Listen Marcus, Mannion was a very good QB and I would love to see someone with his talent back at QB again. That being said I think the fact that he was a prolific passer can be attributed to the offense, his 4 years as a starter and a great group of wideouts. As much as I did like the guy, he ended up locked in a mid season QB battle with Cody Vaz (Hopefully Cody doesn’t read this website), and I am sorry but that right there says maybe he wasn’t all he was cracked up to be. To be honest he is probably 3rd or 4th on my list of OSU QB’s of the Riley/Erickson era.

Leo- Alexis Serna: I really liked Serna and he had a masterful 2005 season that saw him win the Lou Groza Award as the nation’s best kicker. Why overrated? After that sophomore year where he hit 82.1% of his kicks, he went 75.9% and then 66.7%.

John- Ryan Nall: Nall was very good, but considering the talent Oregon State has had at RB over the years, I don’t think he quite measures up with the greats.

Marcus- Storm Woods: This category is tough and I hate to through Storm Woods under the bus, because he was awesome and he played his heart out for Oregon State. But after a terrific freshman season he really struggled. He kept getting the workload as a #1 running back, but I would have liked to see Terron Ward getting more of those carries.

Most Underrated Player

Travis- Joseph Halahuni! Alright, maybe not the most underrated, but I do think he was pretty solid in his time. I even joined a Halahuni for Heisman facebook group.

If you don’t accept my nomination of Joseph Halahuni, may I submit one Markus Wheaton. Overshadowed by Brandin Cooks, Wheaton was the real deal at wide receiver. His senior campaign saw him real in 91 passes and 11 TD’s. Overall Wheaton fell just 6 yards short of 3,000 for his OSU career.

Leo- Damola Adeniji: A former walk-on wide receiver that got to contribute on offense after making some noise on special teams as a junior (I won’t forget his blocked punt for a touchdown), Adeniji quickly became one of my favorite Beavers. In 2009 he quietly racked up 57 catches for 807 yards behind the Rodgers Brothers. He also did a lot of the dirty work to pave the way for James and Jacquizz when they ran the ball his direction.

Marcus- James Rodgers: The eldest Rodgers brother was a revelation at Oregon State after being lightly recruited out of Texas. I don’t think he’s held in as high of regard as some other Oregon State wide receivers, but James Rodgers had one of the best college careers I’ve ever seen.

John- Isaac Seumalo: We talk a lot about the QBs, RBs, and WRs who pull off big plays offensively, but OLs often go unheralded, so I’ll highlight Seumalo. He was a great lineman at every position he played, and he played nearly all of them in his time at OSU.

Player You Had High Hopes For, But Didn’t Quite Pan Out

Travis- Jordan Villamin: Man, I had high hopes for Villamin after his freshman year, but unfortunately the big bodied wide out never quite fulfilled Beaver Nation’s expectations. Personally I believe a lot of that had to do with the lack of an offensive game plan from the coaching staff as well as inconsistency at the QB position, but nonetheless Villamin’s time at OSU never quite panned out the way anyone hoped. Hopefully Villamin can turn some heads in the AAF.

Leo- Darell Garretson: I was so excited for the Beavers to get Garretson from Utah State, and I felt so validated when he had a solid debut in the 2016 season opener Big Ten territory at Minnesota with three passing touchdowns. Unfortunately, he never had a game close to that performance the rest of his career. It likely didn’t help him that the past regime seemed to have an offensive identity crisis every week.

John- Seth Collins: It may have been Gary Andersen’s ability to completely waste talent, it may have been that he was a poor fit schematically, or it may have been that bad Corvallis weather, but Collins never panned out despite pulling off a handful of big plays.

Marcus- Craig Evans: This might be too obvious of a choice and it’s still fairly recent, but Evans was supposed to come to Oregon State and be a monster on the defensive line. That did not happen and he never played a snap for the Beavs unfortunately.

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