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NCAA Football Video Game Rankings?

Here’s how the Oregon State roster would have fared for this upcoming season

NCAA Football: Utah at Oregon State Cole Elsasser-USA TODAY Sports

About five years ago, EA Sports stopped making NCAA Football games. The move was due to legal reasons where they were using amateur athletes likeness to produce video games without compensation. I’m very much on the ‘pay-the-athletes’ side of the argument, but as an avid college football fan and lover of the video game it has left a void in my life for many moons.

Thankfully some people were even more obsessed with NCAA Football the video game than me and have refused to let the game die. This ‘Labor of Love’ has lead to them ranking every college football team for the upcoming 2018-19 season.

Here’s how they ranked the Oregon State depth chart in “NCAA Football 2019”:


QB - Jake Luton 77

QB - Conor Blount 74/76

QB - Jack Colletto 73

QB - Jake Dukart 69

Running Backs

RB - Artavis Pierce 87

RB - Jermar Jefferson 71/74

RB - B.J. Baylor 73

RB - Christian Wallace 72

RB - Calvin Tyler Jr. 70/73

Wide Receivers

WR Isaiah Hodgins 79

WR Timmy Hernandez 80

WR Trevon Bradford 76

WR Kolby Taylor 73

WR Champ Flemings 73

WR Andre Bodden 73

WR Aaron Short 72

WR Tino Allen 72

WR Jesiah Irish 69

WR I’Shawn Stewart 68

Tight Ends

TE Isaiah Smalls 73

TE Teagan Quitoriano 72

TE Quinn Smith 71

TE Noah Togiai 80

Offensive Line

LT Blake Brandel 85

LT Jake Levengood 68/73

LT Keli’i Montibon 73

LG Gus Lavaka 83

LG Brock Wellsfry 69

C Sumner Houston 79

C Nous Keobounnam 71

RG Kammy Delp 76

RG Yanni Demogerontas 75

RT Trent Moore 80

RT Clay Cordasco 71

3-4 Defense

Defensive Line

LE Isaac Hodgins 69/74

LE Isaac Garcia 72

LE Bradley Bickler 67

RE Miki Fifita 68/73

LE LaMone Williams 68

RE Keishon Dawkins 67

RE Jeromy Reichner 73/75

DT Kalani Vakameilalo 85

DT Elu Aydon 75

DT Chris Mengis 68


LLB Andrzej Hughes-Murray 81

LLB Matthew Tago 74

MLB Jonathan Willis 87

MLB Shemar Smith 77

MLB Doug Taumoelau 75

MLB Isaiah Tufaga 74

RLB Hamilcar Rashed Jr. 75/80

RLB Kee Whetzel 80

RLB John McCartan 74

Corner Backs

CB Dwayne Williams 80

CB Kaleb Hayes 75

CB DeShon Wilson 74

CB Jaydon Grant 74

CB Isaiah Dunn 73

CB Jay Irvine 76


FS Shawn Wilson 81

FS Jeffrey Manning, Jr. 71

SS Moku Watson 70

FS David Morris 88

SS Jalen Moore 85

FS Drew Kell 72/77

FS Omar Hicks-Onu 77

FS Trajon Cotton 71

Special Teams

K Jordan Choukair 82

P Daniel Rodriguez 67