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Pac-12 Football Picks: Week Thirteen (Part I)

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Hold on for dear life people, it’s Rivalry Week in the Pac-12.

NCAA Football: Washington State at Washington Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

“The Apple Cup”

#22 Washington St. [8-3] v. #6 Washington [10-1]

Friday, November 25th - 3:30 PM ET, FOX | All-Time Series: Washington (70–32–6)

Robert Ingle: Washington (58%)
Marcus Russell: Washington
Brian J. Moore: Washington State
The_Coach: Washington
DavidMays: Washington State
Donald B. Jordan: Washington

“The Duel In The Desert”

Arizona [2-9] v. Arizona State [5-6]

Friday, November 25th - 9:30 PM ET, ESPN | All-Time Series: Arizona (48–40–1)

Robert Ingle: Arizona State (55%)
Marcus Russell: Arizona State
Brian J. Moore: Arizona State
The_Coach: Arizona State
DavidMays: Arizona State
Donald B. Jordan: Arizona State