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OSU FB Top 25: Connor Hamlett - 11

Big Connor Hamlett brings in the 11th spot in the ranks.

Connor Hamlett will be one of Mannion's top targets this season.
Connor Hamlett will be one of Mannion's top targets this season.
Andy Wooldridge

2013 Recap:

Hamlett was the 4th leading receiver in both receptions and yards with 40 and 364 respectively. He was second on the team with 5 touchdown receptions as well. He missed some time with injuries during the year, and with his 6' 7" frame it is not a real surprise. He was consistent across the board when he played though, a solid blocker and was oft-targeted by Sean Mannion.


2014 Outlook:

This will likely be a banner year for Hamlett, some on his own talents, but there will also be a considerable of extra targets without Brandin Cooks, and Markus Wheaton before him. There should be even more red zone targets open as well, with Cooks and his 16 touchdowns down in New Orleans. Hamlett and Caleb Smith should be difficult for anyone to cover, with two huge targets and with the threat of having them run block as well, it should help OSU's versatility.


Hamlett is solid all the way around, he is a decent blocker, has good hands, runs good routes, but he does lack elite athleticism. He is not going to beat a lot of people downfield, and when he catches the ball that is normally where he stays. He is occasionally used in the screen game as well, but it seems that Smith and his speed would normally be preferred in that role.

If he has a good year, it might be able to get him on an NFL roster next year. It may be tough without that elite speed though, as it seems that every tight end in the modern game is 6' 6" and runs a 4.5 40. Production speaks though and it may be enough to at least get teams to take a peek.


The only reason Hamlett is not in the top 10 too is that he will be virtually the same but with more opportunities. The remaining players in the top 25 have the opportunity to really grow, and Hamlett is already close to his ceiling.