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Oregon St. Pitcher Sentenced For October Incident - UPDATED

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Oregon St. pitcher Clay Bauer has been sentenced for an October incident.
Oregon St. pitcher Clay Bauer has been sentenced for an October incident.

Oregon St. pitcher Clay Bauer has been sentenced for his actions in an incident early in the morning last October 12th.

As we reported at the time, Bauer, 21, entered the University Market at 1149 NW Van Buren Ave in Corvallis, at about 1:05 AM, shortly after closing time, wanting to buy a tin of chewing tobacco. Store employees advised Bauer that they were closed for the night, but before leaving, Bauer, apparently intoxicated, chased and assaulted a store employee, and broke the windows in the the 2 front glass panel doors on the way out.

Corvallis police located and arrested Bauer a short distance away.

Bauer was initially charged with felony first degree burglary as well as misdemeanor charges of fourth degree assault and second degree criminal mischief. As part of a plea agreement, Bauer plead guilty to a lesser charge of second degree burglary, which is still a felony, and the misdemeanor charges.

Bauer was sentenced to 10 days in jail, 18 months probation, and ordered to undergo an alcohol treatment class, for what apparently was the root issue. If Bauer completes all 3 of those, the felony will be reduced to a misdemeanor. It was not announced how many of the 10 days were served at the time of the arrest.

Bauer was suspended indefinitely from the baseball team at the time by Head Coach Pat Casey, but has remained in school, and appears on the roster for this season. Casey didn't initially advised of what additional sanctions Bauer will face from the team.

Bauer, a senior, transferred to Oregon St. from the College of San Mateo in the fall of 2012, and appeared in 1 game last season as a junior, when he got a start at San Diego St., but only lasted 1 2/3 innings.

2/10/14 UPDATE: Bauer has been removed from the Oregon St. baseball team.