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The Dam Links 8/28/2013: In Sean We Trust

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3 days! 3 days! 100 greatest things about college football, QB Decision Reactions, Vegas lines, the new 3rd quarter song, Pants! and more

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Jonathan Ferrey

3 days until kickoff vs. Eastern Washington. Only one day until college football season kicks off.

Your second-to-last EWU factoid: From 1976 to 1985 and again from 1997 to 2006, the Seattle Seahawks held their fall training camp at Eastern Washington University in Cheney. The Seahawks held training camp in 2007 in Kirkland, as they were planning an exhibition game in China against the Patriots, so they wanted to reduce travel concerns. Although that was cancelled, it was too late to move camp back to Cheney. In 2008, the Seahawks moved into their current home, at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center in Renton, Washington.

Gene Wojchiechowski lists the 100 greatest things about college football. This isn't Beaver specific, but it's worth your time to read.

Ted Miller has a reaction to The Decision. He also takes a quick look at Week One in the Pac-12. Kevin Gemmell of the Pac-12 blog does a video preview of Week One storylines, focusing on QB's.

The Oregonian/O-Live has some quotes from Coach Riley about the QB decision. Riley and Langsdorf video interviews about the QB selection. Lindsey Schnell provides a sneak peak at Eastern Washington.

One of the perceived strengths coming into fall came, the offensive line has become an area of concern due mostly to injuries.

Mike Riley got interrupted by, of all people, Rush Limbaugh, on the Tuesday coaches' conference call. Limbaugh was calling someone a liberal, to which Riley screamed "You can't handle the truth!" OK, maybe not. But someone at a Bend radio station is probably looking for a new job.

Here's Rush reflecting on what happened Limbaugh Interrupts Riley , including the full audio., courtesy of Jay Reese.

ESPN's official preview of Saturday's game is live.

Ken Goe is unimpressed with both opponents coming to the Willamette Valley this week. Well, at least our patsy is better than their patsy. What's that you say about last year? La la la la I can't hear you.

I found point spreads on the game at Vegas Insider, and they project Oregon State as a 27 point favorite over EWU. Personally, I'd take the Eagles plus the points; OSU doesn't really blow people out in their first game very often. Also of note -- Oregon is an unbelievable 59 point favorite over Nicholls State. I would take Oregon in that in a heartbeat. Pretty sure they're going to make a point to score at least 78 points.

Vegas Insider also projects the bowls, and has Oregon State in the Sun Bowl against Virginia Tech. They also have the Beavers finishing 9-3, third in the Pac-12 North.

Sporting News predicts the Beavers to do about as poorly as I've seen amongst the various projections, placing them in the New Mexico Bowl against San Diego State. That would be about as unexciting a matchup as possible, a crappy bowl game with an unexciting opponent you've already faced this year. Let's hope for something better.

I've periodically lamented the fact that I've been able to dress head to toe in orange except for pants. The only pair of orange pants I have are a pair of women's pajama pants that don't have a lot of room in certain places, so I basically only wear them when I'm watching road games from home. Dockers appears to have solved that problem; bright orange slacks complete with "Oregon State" and the interlocking OS on the back pocket. I find it both curious (and awesome) that the only Pac-12 schools they are doing this with are OSU and WSU. If you see someone wandering around Reser wearing these pants this weekend or next, it's probably me.

Heinrich Tailgater has a new podcast out Tuesday, where they provide their preview of Eastern Washington, as well as hand out their Jackass of the Week award.

OSU continues their efforts to find a crowd inspiring song for between the 3rd and 4th quarters. I don't think they found it this time either, but my musically inclined friends called my taste in music "insipid" and "mundane", so I'll let you can be the judge.

And the Beavers have a new "anthem". A rap anthem. If Youtube comments are any indication, this video is more popular:

Hey, Oregon State has a basketball team, which I tend to forget completely about this week, and want to completely forget about most of the time. KEZI has a 28 minute video interview with Craig Robinson where he talks about the team's trip to China, and many other things.

Five former Beaver baseballers are playing in the Arizona fall league.

Your short-but-awesome and unrelated video of the day comes to you from Russia, Land-Of-Everyone-Drives-With-A-Camera-On-Their-Dashboard.

Before the next The Dam Links, Utah will play Utah State Thursday at 5pm Pacific on Fox Sports One, and USC will play at Hawaii, whom the Beavers will host next week, three hours later on the CBS Sports Network. The Utah/Utah State game could be pretty good, and we'll get a nice preview of an opponent we'll be playing in the third game of the season.

As always, vote in the poll below, and in Friday's The Dam Links, we'll have some Pac-12 football results to discuss.