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The Dam Links 8/23/2013: It's GameDay! (Sort of)

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OSU sports begins today! Also: practice updates, QB non-news, minor hoops news, Kirk Herbstreit, and more


8 days until kickoff vs. Eastern Washington....

EWU Factoid: Since joining the Big Sky Conference in 1987, the EWU Eagles have won outright or shared six conference titles. That's tied for second with Montana State in the conference in that time span, behind Montana's 15 (!). Those six titles tie them with Boise State for fourth most in Big Sky history. EWU has made the FCS (previously I-AA) playoffs six times in the last 9 seasons, including a trip to the semifinals last year, and winning the whole thing in 2010. Remember: this is a good FCS team, much better than 2012 Nicholls State or 2011 Sacramento State. Yes, I went there. There's a good chance this will be the best visiting team to set foot in Reser before Stanford.

Today is actually the first day of OSU's 2013-2014 athletic calendar. The womens' soccer team plays at No. 3 Florida State today at 4pm Pacific, and at No. 9 Florida Sunday. That's one heck of a tough start. Go Beavers! Game Tracker apparently works for womens' soccer, try this link to see how they are doing. No guarantees, GameTracker can be a little fussy at times (although overall, it's pretty awesome).

Kerry Eggers of the Portland Tribune seems to think Riley's going to use both QB's in the season opener. Riley doesn't seem worried; he says that both quarterbacks are getting all the reps they need. Kevin Hampton of the G-T says that no news can be good news.

Victor Bolden wants his 2013 to be Brandin Cooks' 2011. Of course, he has to convince Riley to take off his redshirt first. Kevin Cummings also wants to make an impact at wide receiver.

Storm Woods missed the last two-a-day practice Wednesday with a sore hamstring.

Jovan Stevenson switches back to the light side.

Santiam Christian product TJ Hufanga walks on to the OSU team.

Spotlight on junior center Roman Sapolu.

The defensive line continues to be my biggest worry. The Beavers went out and recruited some additional help this week. This is making me very nervous, when he have to scour the JuCo's at the last minute to pick up some depth. While it's a little scary, it's time for the veterans to band together and help the new guys get to the point where they can help them. That's a team, gentlemen, and either we heal as a team, or we will die as individuals. That's football, guys, that's all it is. Now what are you gonna do?

Kirk Herbstreit puts out a Pac-12 preview. One interesting point he makes: The Pac-12's top seven teams average 16.5 returning starters. For the sake of comparison, the SEC's top six teams average 12.3 returning starters.

As you might have heard, Oregon State has agreed to a home and home series with San Jose State. The teams will play at Reser in 2015 and in San Jose in 2020. I think I can speak for everyone when I say "Meh." I'm actually OK with one FCS, one Mountain West-level opponent, and one BCS-conference opponent every year. I'd just like to see more BCS level opponents come through Reser.

Every year, there are a couple of minor rules alterations to college football; sometimes there are significant ones. Kevin Hampton takes a look at this year's changes. Two significant changes: one allows stationary players in the line to block below the waist. The second changes targeting a defenseless player above the waist from a 15-yard penalty to a 15-yard penalty and an ejection. That seems like a big deal, particularly with targeting being such a subjective call. I'll bet ten Beaver Bucks that this will affect some major game in a big way in the first month of the season.

Draft Express ranks their top senior NBA prospects in college basketball. Eric Moreland comes in at #12. No other Beavers make the list, and Robert Nelson sees this as motivation.

Beaver Basketball also plays at Maryland on November 17.

Dylan Davis was named to the Cape Cod League All-League Team as a DH.

Our short, unrelated, funny video today comes courtesy of Andrew Moore, OSU pitcher, who tweeted out a link to it.

Also, if you haven't already, check out BeaverBeliever12's Top 25 Beaver player countdown, which just finished with #1 on Wednesday. It's well worth a read, and is a refresher on the most important players on the team. It will also help you vote in the poll.

If I missed anything (which is likely, because I've been very busy with work the last few days), plug it into the comments for the rest of us to catch up on.