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Pac-12 Football Picks: Week Two

Will Nebraska play spoiler to Coach Prime’s red-hot start at Colorado?

Colorado Football Spring Game Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

The Rundown: Coach Prime would have issues with BTD, as we didn’t pick his group to upset TCU, yet besides that, it wasn’t too bad of a Week One showing for the trio. The_Coach went wrong with Florida believing they’d somewhat show up at Utah. John and Tucker took the feel-good pick in Hawai’i over Stanford that never materialized, but hey, it’s all good. Week Two should bring some more fun with a solid slate of solid early season match-ups.

Saturday, September 9th

Baylor (0-1) vs. #12 Utah (1-0) | 9:00 AM PT, ESPN


Utah: The_Coach, John, Tucker

#22 Colorado (1-0) vs. Nebraska (0-1) | 9:00 AM PT, FOX

Colorado: John

Nebraska: The_Coach, Tucker

#8 Washington (1-0) vs. Tulsa (1-0) | 2:00 PM PT, Pac-12

Washington: The_Coach, John, Tucker


Texas Tech (0-1) vs. #13 Oregon (1-0) | 4:00 PM PT, FOX

Texas Tech:

Oregon: The_Coach, John, Tucker

Washington State (1-0) vs. #19 Wisconsin (1-0) | 4:30 PM PT, ABC

Washington State: Tucker

Wisconsin: The_Coach, John

Mississippi State (1-0) vs. Arizona (1-0) | 4:30 PM PT, SECN

Mississippi State: The_Coach, John, Tucker


San Diego State (2-0) vs. UCLA (1-0) | 4:30 PM PT, CBS

San Diego State:

UCLA: The_Coach, John, Tucker

#16 Oregon State (1-0) vs. UC-Davis (1-0) | 6:00 PM PT, Pac-12

Oregon State: The_Coach, John, Tucker


#6 USC (2-0) vs. Stanford (1-0) | 7:30 PM PT, FOX

USC: The_Coach, John, Tucker


California (1-0) vs. Auburn (1-0) | 7:30 PM PT, ESPN


Auburn: The_Coach, John, Tucker

Arizona State (1-0) vs. Oklahoma State (1-0) | 7:30 PM PT,

Arizona State:

Oklahoma State: The_Coach, John, Tucker