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Watch: Gregg Popovich Yells At Drew Eubanks For Playing Defense

I wouldn’t want Pop to yell at me tbh
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Tonight was a historic night in the association, no Magic Johnson didn’t hold another bizarre press conference, it was Dirk Nowitzki’s final NBA game. A legendary 21 year career came to a close with a game against the Mavericks cross state rival the San Antonio Spurs.

As the game came to it’s final seconds Dirk got the ball one last time at the top of the key and drained his final NBA shot.

What you may have noticed is a certain former Beav defending the legend. It turns out that’s not exactly what Greg Popovich wanted him to do in that situation.

Eubanks took to Twitter to thank Dirk for making the shot and hopefully helping him avoid Pop’s dog house

Congrats to Dirk on a great NBA career. As well as a congrats to Drew Eubanks on his first regular season as an NBA player.