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Oregon State vs Utah: Gamethread

No Jefferson. No Gebbia, but it’s gametime!

NCAA Football: Oregon State at Utah Jeffrey Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

It’s game day! Jermar Jefferson is OUT. Tristian Gebbia is OUT. So it’ll be up to backups Chance Nolan and BJ Baylor to move the offense for the Beavs.

The Beavers got a huge win against Oregon last week. So honestly anything else good that happens for Oregon State is just gravy. Getting to 3 or 4 wins would do wonders for Oregon State’s chances of landing in a bowl game. This is going to be a weird year for bowls though; so who knows what will happen there. Anyways this will be the thread for all questions, comments and anger at Pac-12 refereeing you have for today’s game.