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What to Expect: Chance Nolan Edition

Beaver fans will get their first look at Chance Nolan

Oregon v Oregon State Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

It’s official Tristian Gebbia is out for this weekend’s game against Utah and there’s a decent chance he will be out for the reminder of the season. The coaching staff doesn’t want to tip their hand, but I’d be shocked if Gebbia played again in 2020. That means it is officially Chance Nolan time in Corvallis.

The former Saddelback junior college quarterback was the highest rated dual-threat QB from the juco ranks last season. And it’s easy to see why Beaver fans were excited to see him sign with the Beavers. His highlight reel is electric.

During his 11 games with Saddelback he threw for 3,315 yards and ran for another 1,069 yards (44 total TDs). What makes that line even more impressive is that his team dominated so many games that he often didn’t play much late in games. His former coach gave the inside scoop to the Oregonian’s Joe Freeman here.

Chance Nolan is a very good player. He clearly separated himself from the other healthy quarterbacks on the roster and has been extremely productive when he’s on the field at every level.

But getting your first start against a team like Utah is a tough position to be in. While the Utes are 0-2 on the year they’ve faced probably the two best Pac-12 teams in USC & Washington and are hungry for a win. Utah always has a great defense and a fantastic defensive line. And on top of that the Beavs are playing a December road game in the late night slot (it’s going to be colddddd).

As excited as I am to see Chance Nolan lead the Beavers this weekend I think expectations should be tempered. Nolan will most likely struggle in his first start and Utah is a double-digit favorite for a reason.


17-for-29... 215 yards... 1 TD... 1 INT & 55 rushing yards

Looking forward to the rest of the season, realistically I think the Beavers split the games against Utah/Stanford and end the season with a .500 record (3-3). I’m still holding out hope the Beavers will face Colorado during championship week and if they can pull a victory out there Oregon State would finish 4-3. That would be a great year! Not bad for this wacky football season. Go Beavers!!