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Pac-12 Pick Em Week 5

Kyle has taken sole ownership of first place

Stanford v Oregon
Will Oregon fall on their ass again? A few of us thinks so
Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Score after week 3

Kyle: 31-7

Justin: 30-8


Joe: 28-10

Leopoldo: 27-11



Ross: 26-12

John: 26-12

Coach: 26-12

Colorado V UCLA

Chip the Buffalo will have a better day than Chip the coach.

Marcus: Colorado

Joe: Colorado

Kyle: Colorado

Justin: Colorado

Travis: Colorado

Coach: Colorado

Leo :Colorado

Ross: Colorado

Patrick: Colorado

John: Colorado

Washington State V Utah

Looks like WSU has the slight edge... Unless they Coug it

Marcus: WSU

Joe: WSU

Kyle: Utah

Justin: WSU

Travis: WSU

Coach: Utah

Leo : WSU

Ross: Utah

Patrick: WSU

John: Utah

Stanford v Notre Dame

The biggest game on the schedule has us pretty split, but will go with the Tree.

Marcus: Stanford

Joe: ND

Kyle: Stanford

Justin: Stanford

Travis: Stanford

Coach: Stanford

Leo : ND


Patrick: ND

John: ND

BYU v Washington

This does not look good for our old friend Kalani

Marcus: UW

Joe: UW

Kyle: UW

Justin: UW


Coach: UW

Leo : UW

Ross: UW

Patrick: UW

John: UW

Arizona State V Oregon State

Until they prove otherwise it’ll be hard to pick our Beavs

Marcus: Arizona State

Joe: Arizona State

Kyle: Arizona State

Justin: Arizona State

Travis: Arizona State

Coach: Arizona State

Leo : Arizona State

Ross: Arizona State

Patrick: Arizona State

John: Arizona State

USC v Arizona

*Checks to see if USC has any sort of run defense* Close enough... SC wins

Marcus: SC

Joe: SC

Kyle: SC

Justin: SC

Travis: SC

Coach: SC

Leo : SC


Patrick: SC

John: SC

Oregon V Cal

Can Oregon rebound from their miserable pathetic collapse in front a national audience, or will that miserable pathetic collapse tear them down enough that they lose and their fans blame the refs for an accurate, albeit odd, call?

Marcus: Oregon

Joe: Oregon

Kyle: Oregon

Justin: Oregon

Travis: Cal

Coach: Oregon

Leo : Oregon

Ross: Cal

Patrick: Cal

John: Oregon

Think you know better than us?

A.) You’re probably right, I mean you at least have to better than Coach

B.)Sound off in the comments below