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BTD’s Pac 12 Pick-Em

See who our writers choose in every Pac-12 game

Can Chris Peterson knock off Auburn?
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Welcome to our weekly staff pick em for Pac-12 games. We will keep track of who was right and who was wrong and at the end of the year one of our writers will be crowned king of the nerds champion of BTD and will be awarded an imaginary high five and all the bragging rights.

Here are our picks for week 1

Utah vs Weber State

*Note all this picks were made before last nights game

Marcus: Utah


Kyle: Utah

Justin: Utah

Travis: Utah

Coach: Utah

Leo : Utah

Ross: Utah

Patrick: Utah

John: Utah

Stanford vs San Diego State

No one thinks SDSU will do it again

Marcus: Stanford

Joe: Stanford

Kyle: Stanford

Justin: Stanford

Travis: Stanford

Coach: Stanford

Leo : Stanford

Ross: Stanford

Patrick: Stanford

John: Stanford

Colorado vs Colorado State

Our first split decision of the week

Marcus: CSU

Joe: Colorado

Kyle: Colorado

Justin: Colorado

Travis: Colorado

Coach: Colorado

Leo : Colorado

Ross: CSU

Patrick: CSU

John: Colorado

Oregon State vs Ohio State

Just don’t look... it’ll be easier that way

Marcus: Ohio State

Joe:Ohio State

Kyle: Ohio State

Justin: Ohio State

Travis: Ohio State

Coach: Ohio State

Leo : Ohio State

Ross: Ohio State

Patrick: Ohio State

John: Ohio State

Washington State vs Wyoming

Will WSU get upset early in the season again? Four of our staff think they will.

Marcus: WSU

Joe: Wyoming

Kyle: WSU

Justin: WSU

Travis: WSU

Coach: Wyoming

Leo : Wyoming

Ross: Wyoming

Patrick: WSU

John: WSU

Washington vs Auburn

Will the Pac 12 reign supreme on this day? The majority say yes

Marcus: Auburn

Joe: Washington

Kyle: Auburn

Justin: Auburn

Travis: Washington

Coach: Auburn

Leo : Washington

Ross: Washington

Patrick: Washington

John: Washington

Cal vs UNC

It appears Coach is anti- Cal... Why Coach? Why?

Marcus: Cal

Joe: Cal

Kyle: Cal

Justin: Cal

Travis: Cal

Coach: UNC

Leo :Cal

Ross: Cal

Patrick: Cal

John: Cal

UCLA vs Cincinnati

We had to pick one Pac-12 team to beat an Ohio based team right?

Marcus: UCLA


Kyle: UCLA

Justin: UCLA

Travis: UCLA

Coach: UCLA

Leo : UCLA

Ross: UCLA

Patrick: UCLA

John: UCLA

Oregon vs Bowling Green

Kellyanne is about the get her massacre

Marcus: Oregon

Joe: Oregon

Kyle: Oregon

Justin: Oregon

Travis: Oregon

Coach: Oregon

Leo : Oregon

Ross: Oregon

Patrick: Oregon

John: Oregon

Arizona State vs UTSA


Marcus: ASU

Joe: ASU

Kyle: ASU

Justin: ASU

Travis: ASU

Coach: ASU

Leo : ASU

Ross: ASU

Patrick: ASU

John: ASU

Arizona vs BYU

Khalil Tate is a jerk. Sorry Kalani

Marcus: Arizona

Joe: Arizona

Kyle: BYU

Justin: BYU

Travis: Arizona

Coach: Arizona

Leo : Arizona

Ross: Arizona

Patrick: Arizona

John: Arizona

Are you smarter than us? Most likely... But prove it by posting your picks in the comments below.