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The Retro Benny Logo Is Back This Football Season!

Oregon State will have a throwback secondary look this year. Get hyped.

Thursday night, Oregon State teased something special with a bunch of axes and chainsaws on their social media pages.

This morning, the athletic department made it official that the retro Benny the Beaver logo that was used as a secondary mark from 1997 to 2012 will return this year as a secondary mark.

For those that don’t know all the marketing jargon, basically the football program is going to use that retro logo on more official communication this year and on some new merchandise. We’re also apparently going to get to see the logo in the form of a new throwback uniform (or at least a helmet) for the football team on October 20th against Cal.

Some of that new gear is apparently already on sale in the Beaver store on campus in close proximity to that giant wooden version of the logo on display.

OSU hosts family fun day tomorrow (Saturday, August 11th) with a team scrimmage at Reser. It could be an ideal time to grab some of the new gear. You can also find it in the embedded tweet below.

This is one of my personal favorite aspects of OSU’s branding, so I’m excited to see it play a bigger role in marketing the football team. You guys (the BTD audience) also seem to like the retro logo as it won 40% of the vote in our “favorite iteration of the benny logo” poll a few weeks back.

As Deion Sanders once said, “You look good, you feel good. You feel good, you play good.” The Beavs are certainly going to be looking good on October 20th.