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Jack Colletto Wins Paul Hornung Award

The Oregon State linebacker/quarterback/running back is officially the most versatile player in the country.

Oregon State v Washington Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Oregon State fans have known for a few years now that the Jackhammer is a dynamic playmaker no matter where he lines up on the field, and now the rest of the country is getting on board. Tuesday morning, Jack Colletto won the Paul Hornung Award, given to the nation’s most versatile college football player.

Colletto is listed as a linebacker on the Oregon State roster, and that’s where he sees most of his snaps, but not arguably not where he makes his biggest impact. Most notably, he is the Beavers best close yardage back, picking up six rushing touchdowns this season on 25 rushing attempts.

Colletto originally came to Corvallis as a quarterback, and he still occasionally lines up there out of the wildcat position. He doesn’t throw often, but the option is there in a situation where the defense is expecting a QB rush. Colletto has also sometimes returned kicks for the Beavers.

The Hornung Award is named after Paul Hornung, a Pro Football Hall of Famer who played on both sides of the ball for the Green Bay Packers. The award has been given out since 2010, and Colletto is the first Beaver to win it.