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Quick Links: Conor Blount Will Transfer From Oregon State

2017 Beavs vs 2018 Beavs...Some Pac-12 football talk...Kylor Kelly and Tres Tinkle are balling out.

Oregon State v Washington Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images
  • In the first of what could be several transfers following the 2018 football season, Oregon State Beavers redshirt sophomore quarterback Conor Blount will leave the program. Blount was 115 of 189 for 7 passing TDs and 4 interceptions in his time at OSU. He will reportedly have two years of eligibility remaining if he transfers to an FCS school or one more if he transfers to another FBS school. Hopefully he finds the right fit.

  • In addition to getting one more win than they did in 2017, the 2018 football team improved in nearly every statistical category. OregonLive did a side-by-side analysis of what happened in the 2018 season compared to 2017.

  • Need to know what happened in the other Pac-12 football games this past weekend? Arizona Desert Swarm has you covered.

  • On the basketball front, Tres Tinkle and Kylor Kelly are both making a splash at the national level.

...oh, and this happened...