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Question & Answer With MBB Recruit Jarod Lucas

Getting To Know The Future Beav

Jarod Lucas - Twitter

According to 247Sports, Jarod Lucas stands at 6’2 and 180 pounds, however, there is more than meets the eye in the senior guard from Los Altos High School. The Beavers Commit hails from Hacienda Heights, a suburb of Los Angeles with just over 50,000 inhabitants, and plays for a humble team in the Los Altos Conquerers. Humble only in the sense of the word that amongst his competition in the Southern Section are teams like Mater Dei and Sierra Canyon, who have had the likes of Bol Bol and Marvin Bagley coming along before shaking the college basketball world. Jarod knows, especially in the highlight generation of today, you must work harder than the next man in order to sustain your spot amongst the elite. He is coached by his father, Jeff Lucas and understands that basketball is a family matter as his father helped him average 26 points during his first three years at Los Altos. Lucas recently signed his Letter of Intent to play for the Beavs next season as playing in the Pac-12 was amongst his childhood dreams, picking Oregon State over colleges such as Mississippi, Nevada, Tulsa, and Santa Clara. I had the opportunity to get to know the Los Angeles Native through some quick questions.

Albert: First off, congrats on making it official and signing with Oregon State, how does it feel to finally be a part of Division 1 as well as Pac-12 basketball?

Jarod: It’s a blessing to be a part of the elite group that get to play at the Division 1 level. It was always a goal of mine to play in the Pac-12. It also means a lot because my dad was the last player to get a Division 1 scholarship at my school. It’s been a long time since there was a Division 1 basketball player in my area.

Albert: So your future running mates, Gianni Hunt and Julien Franklin, all play within the Southern Section. Tell me what’s it like playing in the toughest section in the nation as well as how excited you are to play with those two.

Jarod: It’s a tough task playing in the Southern Section. I take a lot of pride knowing that I played a vital role in getting my high school to Division 1 in CIF Southern Section. Julien and Gianni are guys that I have been playing with since the fifth, sixth grade. I can’t wait to hit the floor with these guys.

Albert: Did Coach Thompson’s relationship and ties with the Southern Section play a big role in your recruitment?

Jarod: Coach Thompson was always in contact with me since my sophomore. I’m looking forward to playing with Ethan. I can’t wait to play with the California Gatorade Player of the Year in Ethan.

Albert: So you played your AAU basketball with the Compton Magic, who were regarded as the best team in the nation. What was it like playing with the Mobley brothers, Justin, Onyeka, etc.?

Jarod: I couldn’t have been happier with my final AAU career. I started my high school career with Compton Magic and ended it with Compton Magic. The start five had been playing together 15U, 16U, 17U. Not too many AAU teams had the chemistry we did. That was the best team that I ever played with. The National Champs, 46-2.

Albert: Is there any game this season you have circled on your calendar for Los Altos?

Jarod: Any game that I get to play against a high ranked player or team is a game that I circle. I love being the Underdog. That’s why I wear #2. Being doubted fuels me.

Albert: Favorite high school player?

Jarod: My favorite high school player was Trae Young.

Albert: What made you commit to Oregon State ?

Jarod: I committed to Oregon State because of my relationship with Coach Tinkle and Thompson. They both coach their own sons and I couldn’t have found a better fit. With my dad coaching me I wanted a smooth transaction.

Albert: Any messages to Beav fans out there?

Jarod: There will not be any player that will give Beaver Nation as much effort as me every time I hit the floor. GO BEAVS!