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Beavers Lose By 40 Points, Don’t Have to Play Football Anymore

Nothing good happened today.

Oregon v Oregon State Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

There’s not a whole lot to say about today’s game. The Beavers came out and failed on every side of the ball, in just about every way imaginable.

After starting the game with the ball, Oregon State turned the ball over on downs, electing to go for it on a long fourth down, rather than attempting a long field goal (which, considering their kicking decision, was a good call.) Oregon took the ball right down the field and scored a touchdown, with every play on the drive a big run that the Beavers seemed powerless to stop.

The Ducks rushing game totaled 390 yards and six touchdowns. 4 of those were CJ Verdell, and 2 were Travis Dye. The Ducks offense line carved open massive holes for Oregon’s rushing corps to run through. Even with Justin Herbert exiting the game at the half due to an injury, the Ducks offense still fired on all cylinders. They didn’t even have to have their backup quarterback throw passes, on most drives every play was a run.

When the Beavers had the ball, little went better. After not scoring on their first three possessions, the Beavers got the ball into Oregon territory. They set Jordan Choukair up for a 40 yard field goal, but Choukair once again couldn’t connect.

On their next possession, the Beavers got the ball down to Oregon’s goal line, but Jack Colletto’s throw was grabbed by Nick Pickett (which, I gotta say, great name for a Safety) for an interception.

The Beavers managed a field goal before the end of the half, and on their first drive of the second half Jake Luton showed off. Luton connected twice with Trevon Bradford to move 55 yards down the field, and then hit Timmy Hernandez for a 22 yard touchdown. Three plays, 50 seconds, and still plenty of time left to get back in the game.

Then Choukair missed the extra point.

I’m not going to belabor the Choukair situation, everyone who follows OSU knows what’s up. But he cannot be the Beavers’ kicker next season.

On their next drive, the Beavers were moving well, before attempting what may be the most ludicrous trick plays I’ve ever seen. Someone tell me what the plan here was.

With Oregon continuing to score almost effortlessly with their run game, the Beavers were forced into the air to attempt to make things up. This led to some poor decision making. Jake Luton threw 2 picks, one of which was returned for a touchdown. With time winding down, the team finally put together a good drive, and Luton connected with Timmy Hernandez for their second touchdown of the game.

The Beavers missed the 2 point conversion.

55-15 Oregon is your final season. Have a nice offseason everybody.