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Craig Francois Signs With Oregon State

The Outside Linebacker will be harassing PAC-12 offenses in no time

Craig Francois | Twitter

Three Star Outside Linebacker Craig “KK” Francois has signed with the Oregon State Beavers, after committing earlier this fall. Francois, at 6-foot-2 and 210 pounds, played Outside Linebacker and Defensive End for Cathedral High School in Los Angeles.

Francois was also offered by Washington State, Hawaii, Colorado State, and San Jose State. He signed in late October after being recruited by interim Head Coach Cory Hall. Francois’s skills in getting after the quarterback project him to more of a strong-side role, but with a new Defensive Coordinator and a new Linebackers Coach; the exact scheme the Beavers will be using and Francois’s role in it are still to be worked out, probably over a red shirt season.

Francois broke the ankles of offensive linemen all the time in his time at Cathedral, and will hopefully bring a similar level of speed to Corvallis. Check out some highlights below.

Stay tuned to Building the Dam, as we’ll keep you updated with all of Oregon State’s recruiting news throughout the day.