Extreme Weather Warning for the Utes Vs the Beavers Football game  10/15/2016

There is an extreme weather warning for todays game vs Utah, kick off 1:00PM. Expect high winds, 17-26 mph winds with possible gusts up to 45 mph coming in from the south/ south west by game time. There is 100% chance of rain thought out the game. Temperatures are reported to be in the mid to upper 50s. It is going to be a wet and wild one out there and wet weather gear will be required.

For the Beavers to win this game they must continue to get that running game engaged. They mostly will use bubble screens and hitch passes and fly sweeps to open up the middle of that daunting Utes defensive line. These plays could open up the middle for Neil (if he is even a go today) and crew. Due to the wind gusts the long passes would not be a viable option.

Special teams will also have to adjust their game plan for the game. More rugby style kicks should be seen today. Both side do have punters in Porebski for the Beavers and Wishnowsky for the Utes respectively, that have the ability to execute rugby style kicks.

On defense it will be imperative that the Beavers are able to stop the run and try to forces turn overs. This once again this will come down to line play and what team wants it more.

This is going to be a wet, windy and wild game due to the extreme weather and rivalry that has been formed between these two teams. If you are going to the game bring that wet wear gear and be prepared for a ground and pond type of game. The running game should shorten the game and get those poor souls that are going to the game out of the weather sooner.




Oregon State Fight, Fight,Fight !!!!!!

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