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Seth Collins & Jordan Villamin Oregon St's Perfect Combination

Jordan Villamin is an "Air Force" of sorts for Oregon State.
Jordan Villamin is an "Air Force" of sorts for Oregon State.
(Photos by Andy Wooldridge)

Oregon State's Seth Collins and Jordan Villamin have quickly become the Beavers' "Perfect Combination". This despite Collins being a true freshman, and Villamin a sophomore.

The opening game of the season saw Collins claim the starting quarterback role for Oregon State, and last week only served to further cement that status.

Villamin, who began to emerge in the latter half of last season, has become the Beavers' leading receiver, both in terms of yards and catches.

At 6'5", and over 230 lbs., yet still capable of WR speed despite having a tight end's stature, Villamin is a physical mismatch for most defensive backs.

And as possibly the most mobile quarterback in Oregon St. history (certainly in the last couple of decades), Collins can keep the play, and his passing options alive, long enough for Villamin to find an opening.

Jordan Villamin TD

It produced the first "big play" of the season, above, and broke open Oregon State's season opening win over Weber State.

But Villamin's value exceeds his team leading stats, as his size has in both of Oregon State's games necessitated opponents electing to commit pass interference as a better alternative than allowing the catch that would have happened otherwise, for even more yards.

And when defenses double Villamin, and shut down Collins' other options, he can (and will) just take off and run. The true freshman leads the Beavers in both carries and net yards on the ground.

Seth Collins

And he can do this!

Athleticism is everything in today's football, and both Collins and Villamin can challenge defenders in ways most can not. making then the combination that opponents must account for first on any play.