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BREAKING NEWS: Jonathan Smith Hired by Michigan State

The Beavers are back in the market for a new coach.

Washington v Oregon State Photo by Tom Hauck/Getty Images

The fears of many Oregon State fans have finally come to pass. Saturday morning Michigan State announced they would be hiring Beaver Head Coach Jonathan Smith to be the Spartans’ next Head Coach.

The Spartans fired head coach Mel Tucker on September 29th after sexual misconduct allegations surfaced. Secondary coach Harlon Bennett stepped in in the interim and led Michigan State though a dreary season that ended at 4-8 after a 42-0 loss to Penn State last night.

Smith is probably a good fit for the Spartans. He has a history of taking moribund programs and turning around their fortunes, including pulling off big wins against their much more successful, well financed in-state rivals. After the debacle that was the Gary Andersen era, Smith got the Beavers back into shape, with the last couple seasons having been some of the most exciting in Oregon State history. He finishes his tenure at OSU with a 34-35 record.

As for the Beavers, they’re headed to a bowl game. We’ll find out next Sunday exactly which bowl game they’ll be headed to, and hopefully by then we’ll have some idea of what their coaching is. And then next year, a season of Pac-2 football. It’s going to be a rough time to be a Beaver fan for awhile.