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OSU FB Top 25: Michael Doctor - 4

Linebacker Michael Doctor is another great athlete in the Beaver linebacking corps.

Doctor is sound in his technique and is a great athlete to boot.
Doctor is sound in his technique and is a great athlete to boot.
Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

2013 Recap:

Doctor came in with big expectations as one of the featured Oregon State players in their advertising, but he would get injured early in the season and was lost for the year. He was granted a medical hardship though, and was allowed to come back for the 2014 season.

2014 Recap:

Just like last season, the Beavers are putting Doctor out there in advertising and they need him to to be a star. He was a missing component for Oregon State last year, although the defense was a mess regardless of him being in there. In the past he has put together 80 tackle campaigns and that can easily happen again.


Doctor has been playing since he was a freshman and his athleticism was his stronger suit at the time. He has matured over the years and is solid at diagnosing plays and once the play comes to him he is extremely sure in his tackling. As a reliable player and a co-captain, the Beavers are relying on him for leadership and to make big plays.


In his career he has made some splash plays, he had a career high 11 tackles for loss in his 2012 campaign, and had 2.5 in only 2 games last season. The potential is there for a big season, this defensive line is good enough that they can hold off linemen and let the linebackers fly to the ball. He needs to capitalize on the opportunities that will be offered to him, and there will be many.