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OSU Looking To Black Out San Diego St.

The game between Oregon St. and San Diego St. on August 20 will be in the dark, kicking off just after 7:30 PM, and so its the perfect time for a black out, though orange in the stands looks much more impressive at night than darkness in the dark. Regardless, Beaver Nation has their uniform memo for the Aztec game.

News from practice today included the return of kicker Trevor Romaine, who has addressed his academic eligibility issue. Head Coach Mike Riley did note that he still expects Garrett Owens to be the kicker for the San Diego St. game, but that Romaine is his backup, and the competition is on again in practice going forward for the job.

Isaac Seumalo also began doing work on the side with staff, the first time he's been cleared to work outside the pool since his most recent re-evaluations. This is good news for Oregon St., though it seems more unlikely than not that Seumalo won't play at USC, never mind against San Diego St., but time will tell how quickly Seumalo comes around. Whether a 3 day break after only a couple of days of workouts puts him in position for a good week of practice next week will tell Coach Riley and the rest of us a lot more.

Garrett Weinreich again did not practice after missing the Hawaii game due to his previously injured knee acting up, and Roman Sapolu continued to line up at left guard with the first unit in Weinreich's absence.

Starting right tackle Sean Harlow also did not practice Wednesday, with Dustin Stanton running in his place with the first team.

DT Jalen Grimble, who missed Tuesday's practice, did return, and was taking regular rotations with the defense.

Despite their first couple of wins coming rather under the radar, especially compared to the high profile action the 4 top teams in the Pac-12 have already had, Oregon St. has also drawn some national interest, and Sports Illustrated's Holly Anderson has an in-depth look for Grantland out. Worth a glance even if its rather generic, because its a look in from the national perspective, something none of the northwest schools often get.