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BTD Talks with ESPN's Rece Davis - Pt. 2

In the second half of the interview we talk Benny the Beaver in the Capitol One Mascot Challenge and a little more OSU.

Steven Nelson gets a little love at the end of the interview.
Steven Nelson gets a little love at the end of the interview.
Andy Wooldridge

Moving on to the Mascot Challenge, we know Benny is 2-0 so far, what do you think the chances are he goes undefeated?

Well really, that's up to the Beaver fans, if they want Benny to be the Capital One Mascot of the year they need to jump in there and keep voting for him. They've done a great job up to this point. You can go to for all of the voting information. You can engage with the fans and the other mascots, if you prefer facebook or twitter then we have that wide open for you,, same thing with twitter. The great thing about this, there;s a couple of really cool things about it. The most important thing is Capital One has recognized that mascots are part of the overall atmosphere, part of the entertainment, part of the fabric of the gameday experience. Because of that we at Capital One have created a national mascot of the year, the winning school gets a $20,000 scholarship that goes towards its mascot program and all of the 16 participating schools get 5 grand for their program. But at Oregon State I know they want to win! So go there and vote for Benny, by clicking vote now and what you can do to even boost up the point total a little bit more, and he has a lead as you and I are talking right now over Cy the Cardinal of Iowa State. But you can boost it up even more, fans can complete weekly 50 or 100 point challenges. We ask them to post clever entries on twitter or facebook using their mascot hashtag and you do that, maybe it's a selfie, something kinda unusual but you can rack up those points in 50 or 100 point chunks as opposed to the one point chunks by clicking vote now, but it's still important to click vote now to get it started. We'll be running this throughtout the entire season and hopefully Benny Beaver will bring home some serious cash at the end of the year.

Does the fan participation for the Mascot Challenge affect selection for all types of events?

Well what can happen is Benny is already in this year, but you can also go and nominate your mascot for next year's mascot challenge, you can do that too. There are all kinds of opportunities there for sure and this is just one of several ways that Capital One is heavily invested into college sports, the Capital One cup, which they help the advisory board for, are things I think that show Capital One's commitment to the importance of college sports and their willingness to give back and create opportunities for young men and women who are involved in intercollegiate athletics either as an athlete with the opportunities that are created through the Capital One foundation or they are involved as mascots, where they get the opportunities to earn money for the mascot program, so it's really a cool thing.

We know that Mannion gets a lot of attention, you mentioned Woods and Ward, and Isaac Seumalo is on some awards lists. Are there any Oregon State players who are in the eye of the national media?

In terms of national award type winners, I still think that's probably going to unfold over the course of the season, and in terms of wondering who's going to get those catches that Cooks did it looks like at least in the early going that the favorite target has been Bolden, so maybe a guy like that if he starts putting up hefty receiving numbers or something as the season goes, he had a 100 yard game I think against Hawaii last week so maybe somebody like that could be, but I don't know if there's anybody, like I know I gave Crichton a helmet sticker last year and he posted it on twitter and he became my favorite defender of the season because of that, typically they've had salty guys on defense, so maybe someone out of that defensive group will kind of emerge.

I'd throw out Steven Nelson, if you guys ever come around again.

That's the guy?

Yeah that's my guy I'd watch.

That's the guy to watch huh, okay.

Yeah cornerback, he's playing pretty well. He had a lot of picks last year.

What did he wind up with last year, how many picks did he have?

He had six picks last year.

Yeah he was in the national leaders last year, he was pretty close.

He was in the lead for awhile but kind of petered out in the end.

Thanks to Rece Davis for doing the interview! And go vote for Benny!