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2014 BTD Top 25: Gang Green

Oregon is the real winner on the weekend beating Michigan State at home.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Consensus Poll:

Rank Team Points
1 FSU 98
2 Oregon 96
3 Alabama 92
4 Oklahoma 88
5 Auburn 79
6 Georgia 77
7 USC 74
8 Baylor 73
9 Texas A&M 70
10 Michigan State 67
11 LSU 61
12 Stanford 51
13 UCLA 47
14 Wisconsin 42
15 Ole Miss 38
16 Arizona State 35
17 Notre Dame 33
18 Virginia Tech 22
19 Kansas State 20
T-20 Missouri 18
T-20 Ohio State 18
T-20 Oklahoma State 18
23 South Carolina 15
24 Louisville 13
25 Duke 10

Individual Polls:

Chris Andy Kurt Robert
1 FSU Florida St Alabama Florida St.
2 Oregon Oregon Oregon Oregon
3 Oklahoma Alabama Florida State Auburn
4 Alabama Oklahoma Oklahoma Alabama
5 Auburn Georgia Texas A&M Oklahoma
6 Georgia Baylor USC Baylor
7 Michigan State USC Michigan State Georgia
8 USC UCLA Auburn Texas A&M
9 Baylor Auburn Georgia USC
10 Texas A&M LSU Baylor LSU
11 Arizona State Texas A&M LSU Michigan St.
12 LSU Michigan St Stanford Notre Dame
13 Clemson Stanford Wisconsin Mississippi
14 Stanford Arizona St Clemson Stanford
15 UCLA Kansas St. Notre Dame UCLA
16 Wisconsin Virginia Tech Mississippi Wisconsin
17 Ole Miss Wisconsin Viginia Tech Kansas St.
18 Notre Dame Louisville Oklahoma State Nebraska
19 South Carolina Ohio St UCLA Oklahoma St
20 Missouri Mississippi Missouri Missouri
21 Ohio State Duke Ohio State Arizona St.
22 Duke South Carolina South Carolina Clemson
23 Oklahoma State Clemson Arizona State Louisville
24 Virginia Tech Iowa BYU N. Carolina
25 Louisville Mississippi St Louisville Virginia Tech/Duke/Ohio St.


The dropoff is around the top ten again, but the edge is drastically smoothed out across the rankings.

Ohio State was the biggest drop this week, after their loss to Virginia Tech who would move up.

There were some other moves, like Oregon leapfrogging into 2nd, but as that game with Michigan State was one of the few meaningful games so far this season the whole list will still have a lot of movement. Once conference play starts then we will be able to use more meaningful results to steer the ranks.