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OSU FB Top 25: DJ Alexander - 5

Oft-injured linebacker DJ Alexander is the number 5 player for the Beavers.

DJ Alexander is explosive when healthy.
DJ Alexander is explosive when healthy.
Andy Wooldridge

2013 Recap:

After a solid 2012 season, Alexander came back looking to do damage once again. Unfortunately he suffered multiple injuries during the year and was only able to play in 9 games. When he was in the game as well, it was often limited and he would return to the sidelines for stretches of the game.


Despite all that he still had more tackles than his 2012 campaign, with 63 tackles on the season. He also had an extra half sack on that season, which was really an increase in production. That extra production does coincide with Michael Doctor missing time too though, and would make sense with extra tackles to go around.

2014 Outlook:

When healthy DJ Alexander is a real difference maker. The image of Alexander shooting into the backfield to wrap up Montee Ball still stays with me as a demonstration of his athleticism. Coaches have always lauded his ability, he has gotten rave reviews since he was a freshman. The one thing they have requested is that he take a little more time to read the game. He has improved on that, starting in his sophomore year, but sometimes he does get sucked into plays, which then leaves his assignment open. It is something he will continue to develop, how to balance aggression with calmly diagnosing the play.


If Alexander can stay healthy he has outrageously high potential. He is improving at diagnosing plays, and that along with his already solid athletic base and he can be a great one. The other requirement is that he stays healthy. He can fly to the ball, and make big plays all over the field. The Beavers need him to maximize their season, there is no one else on the roster that can match his skills and hopefully he will bring it in his final season.