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Wetzler Turned In By Phillies

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According to Aaron Fitt of Baseball America, Ben Wetzler had his reported "agent" turned in by the team that drafted him, the Philadelphia Phillies. The reveal has come to outrage from the general community, not only Beaver Nation.

The Phillies are reported to be the ones who turned in Ben Wetzler to the NCAA.
The Phillies are reported to be the ones who turned in Ben Wetzler to the NCAA.
Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

The whole circus has been ridiculous from the get-go. The MLB draft is not the same as the NFL or NBA drafts, the teams will select players without a declaration for the draft. This makes the agent process ridiculous, some players did not intend to get drafted, but they would have to be a fool to not check out all their options, and they need someone who can actually give them advice. The rule itself is absurd, ordinarily an agent might actually alter a prospect's amateur status, but in this instance it is just a young person trying to make a decision that will affect the rest of their life. It would be idiotic to not get advice on the subject.

What makes this even worse is that the team was the one that made the call to the NCAA. The Phillies showed absolutely no class in this situation. They acted like a spurned lover, lashing out because things did not work out. There were other instances of college juniors returning in the 1st 10 rounds, Jason Monda of WSU in the 6th round (Phillies), Dustin DeMuth of Indiana in the 8th (Twins), and Ross Kivett of Kansas State in the 10th (Indians). It may be noted that the Phillies also reported Monda to the NCAA, but he has already been cleared. Fitt commented that this is not commonplace for teams to do, and the Twins and Indians did not make the same claim to the NCAA. It's absurd. Bullying. Sour grapes. It's almost unbelievable that a professional sports team would go as far as to try and disrupt these young mens' future.

What makes this even more absurd is that the NCAA is still forcing Wetzler to sit. Monda has been cleared and I find it nearly impossible to believe that there is much more evidence against Wetzler. This is a case of guilty until proven innocent. It is completely insulting and backwards to the entire set-up of the judiciary branch. The NCAA has done nothing but slaps on the wrist to major football programs over the last couple years since they tried to make an example out of USC. In all the cases of these football program mistakes, there are actual benefits being given to players. Meanwhile they look to punish Wetzler who came back to finish his education alongside finishing off Omaha. The NCAA should be looking to keep the playing field equal, and to protect student-athletes. The entire process is appalling, and it all seems to come down to money.

Baseball is clearly not as big as football and the stars do not have the money to fight the allegations in a way that might stop the NCAA. All sports should be is a separation from the problems of society, and when the NCAA is showing that it also aligns itself with the greed that has crippled the world, it is enough to make one sick.

To reign in my own personal opinions a bit though, this situation needs to get cleared up and fast. If the NCAA does decide that they have enough evidence then it should get done. The rule is ridiculous, but it is still is a rule right now and if it needs to be enforced then so be it. This needs to get resolved and quickly, and though the decision could go either way, everyone else seems to already know what the actual correct answer is.